WhatsApp – Already sent messages can now be deleted “Update”

WhatsApp – Already sent messages can now be deleted “Update”

A new update will allow deleting already sent messages in WhatsApp. Up to seven minutes after sending, you can remove unwanted messages from the messenger.

Most people know it: They send a careless message and then get annoyed about a wrong wording, typos or the stupid ideas of auto-correction. Whatsapp now goes against this frustration and introduces the possibility to delete already sent messages for yourself and the recipient .

The mischief was once done as soon as the message was sent – especially annoying when it goes to the wrong recipient, for example. However, the latest update adds a loophole: If both users have the latest version installed, they have a seven-minute window to remove already sent messages. This is also possible in group chats, but all of them must have downloaded the latest version as well.

Not without risk

The feature is supported on Android, iOS and Windows 10 Mobile. After sending you have to select a message by long press and can then remove it via a trashcan icon. If one chooses the function “for all” instead of “for me”, it is gone for both.

But this is not completely secret: the recipient receives information that a message has been deleted. In addition, the message can still be read before the deletion and errors during deletion are not excluded. A confirmation, whether the message was really deleted, you do not get.

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