Twitch: New tool could end worry the streamer

Twitch: New tool could end worry the streamer

Twitch has added another feature with the new update. But this still shares the opinion of the streamer. This involves raiding, which has been widely used in the past to publicly bully streamer and actively interfere with their transmissions.

Twitch and Co. are said to be “raiding” when spectators organize to storm a streamer at the same time. In the past, when Twitch was even smaller, this was often done through external forums. Several trolls gathered there to “ambush” smaller streamer, bully them, and actively disrupt their transmission by being in the chat. To this day, this occurs again and again, for example, when a streamer has another dispute and the audience turn against each other.

But in the future, according to Twitch, this should change. The platform’s executives have now officially installed a “raid feature” that allows a streamer to send its entire audience to another streamer. The viewers then get a short insertion, have to agree and then load the stream of the target. In addition, the first streamer then hosts the transmission of the second so that more viewers can be supportive. Because this is the positive aspect of the raiding: viewers share.

So far, this was only possible by the streamer in chat posting a link to the next stream. The new feature should now make it much easier. Whether the raid function will be used really positively in the future or some streamer with mischief, will probably show up. After all, the recipients of the raid have the opportunity to open the chat only for their subscribers and thus take away trolls the platform.

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