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Total War: Warhammer test with video review before release – Creative Assembly defeats the curse of the opponent’s AI

Does it make Total War: Warhammer finally, epic battles WITHOUT massive AI-Mimes of the opponents to stage? PC Games has the test including detailed video review with lots of gameplay scenes and that a week before release!

Before the Total War: Warhammer test, you went back to the game with the fans: After much shouting for the overambitimated Rome 2, Creative Assembly has done everything to regain the lost trust of the Total War community and get involved with the players reconcile.

With the fantasy adaptation of the Tabletop game Warhammer, the British have not only accepted a wish scenario of many series fans, but the strategy experts also tried to make the right settings, instead of the scenes, of the battles and the campaign card demonstrate. Yes, even with the often criticized DLC policy of the series, Creative Assembly and publisher Sega have backdropped at the last moment.

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The pre-order DLC, which allows players to control the chaos warriors so important in the Warhammer universe, is available free of charge for all buyers in the first week after release. Free content updates are expected to follow until the end of the year, including a new selectable faction in Campaign mode, presumably Bretonia, inspired by French knights. Finally, Creative Assembly wants to appease angered PC gamers by providing powerful editors for the creation of mods.

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This is the best sign for a total war to measure the Warhammer conversion. In the test, including video review, it is clear that Creative Assembly has also worked on the inner values ​​of its success story in parallel to the positive external representation. But the considerable improvements in technique, fractional diversity and opponent AI buy the studio through cuts made elsewhere. A success concept?

Total War im Test: Der Hammer für Fans!

Four playable peoples and around two dozen AI nations argue in Total War: Warhammer for supremacy in the Old World, a huge continent with succulent grassy plains, deserts, mountains, large ice areas and few waterways. All for all Tabletop experts: The license of Warhammer Inventors Games Workshop does not include the radical and unloved rules update of Age of Sigmar. Warhammer is still playing classic! Accordingly, the human empire, dwarfs, green skins, and vampire princes are familiar. Each of these fractions represents a large number of units which have a high recognition value for owners of the tabletop figures.

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No matter whether it is cryptic, gyrocopter or goblin spider, the choice is considerable. Giant or flying creatures bring a lot of change into the game. Where a giant races out of the roaches of the green skins, dozens of land slaves fly up in the battle. Bat beasts of the vampire prince can meanwhile go over the walls during sieges and try to conquer the central checkpoint. In an open field, however, the airmen serve rather as a fast cavalry or, especially in the Dwarves’ flying machines, for spying and bombarding more distant enemy units.

If, in addition, Hellfire fire rocket fighters perform devastating artillery attacks from large distances, and Flame Cannons salty hundreds of zombies at a time, the slaughter chaos is perfect. It is all the more practical that you can always pause the real-time battles to get an overview and give commands. This is typical Total War.



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