Top 10 Most Famous Pakistani Actors In 2017

fawad khan

Top 10 Most Famous Pakistani Actors In 2017

10. Faisal Qureshi


faisal qureshi

Faisal Qureshi features a gift in Pakistani Drama history; he has shown his talent on numerous occasions by giving exciting performances. he’s a talent in Asian nation that rise from movies and transferred to dramas and have become a real inspiration for young actors.

He features a distinctive temperament and audacity concerning him that whenever he’s gift during a ceremony or castes during a drama folks understand that he’s there. He won several awards throughout his career and is currently one amongst the foremost stunning actors in Asian nation.


9. Danish Taimoor

Danish Taimoor

He was a model then thanks to his natural capabilities he got the chance during a drama wherever he delivers an honest performance and have become far-famed. This was it for him then there was no stopping him, he became one amongst the highest paid actors in Asian nation.

Recently he’s accessorial to the leading forged of a picture show and it’s thought of that he’s the longer term of Asian nation cinema. Well additionally on the opposite hand one amongst the foremost stunning actors in Asian nation.


8. Osama Khalid Butt

 Osama Khalid Butt

Osama Khalid Butt is associate rising star in Asian nation by his appearance and sweetness that square measure leading him to success. He wasn’t associate actor on the primary place however was a author, however it absolutely was his natural skills of acting that created him associate actor and obtaining up the ladder of fame by every passing year.

It was the drama Aik Nayi Cinderella that created him what he’s these days. he’s one amongst the foremost stunning and fascinating actors in Asian nation.


7. Fahad Mustafa


Fahad Mustafa

Fahad Mustafa is one amongst the foremost proficient and delightful actors in Asian nation these days. He features a nice talent in acting and additionally in comparison that create him a multi proficient guy within the cinema.

He features a glowing temperament that created him to induce a lot of success in his life. this can be the explanation that gave him a morning show, movies like metallic element maloom Afraad, and additionally far-famed TV dramas.


6. Ahsan Khan

Ahsan Khan

Ahsan Khan could be a high temperament in Pakistani cinema and features a proficient temperament. Whenever he got a chance to point out his category, he ne’er back off his viewers and additionally his fans. That’s why he has become what he’s currently.

He has a chic temperament that creates him to play any sort of role that place before of him. he’s additionally one amongst the foremost stunning actors in Asian nation.


5. Sheheryar Munawar

Sheheryar Munawar


Another Pakistani model that created to Pakistani cinema thanks to the talent in him. Sheheryar Munawar is associate actor, model and additionally a producer. once he got the chance during a TV drama, He won a present for the simplest new male sensation for his play on his debut.

Which was superb for his career and created him charming and most proficient personalities in Asian nation Television? he’s additionally one amongst the foremost stunning actors in Pakistani cinema these days.


4. Mikaal Zulfiqar


Mikaal Zulfiqar

Mikaal Zulfiqar is that the new shining star in Asian nation cinema and regarded because the way forward for this trade. He started his career from commercials and modelling however was awaiting a chance in cinema.

When he got that he delivers with associate awing performance. currently there’s no stopping to the current charming temperament as a result of his fans square measure increasing by every passing year.


3. Shehroz Sabzwari

Shehroz Sabzwari

He is a young actor in Asian nation screenland and additionally a model. he’s the whole ambassador of telenor Asian nation and Pepsi. He features a terribly charming and cute temperament that makes him one amongst the foremost fascinating actors in Pakistani cinema.

He got his spot within the screenland in addition as during this thanks to his exertions, talent and additionally terribly fascinating temperament.. He married to a really stunning thespian Sira Yousuf in 2012 that created them one amongst the foremost stunning couples in Pakistani cinema these days.


2. Imran Abbas Naqvi

Imran Abbas Naqvi

The number 2 position goes to Imran Abbas Naqvi thanks to his innocent face, cute smile and completely stunning eyes. he’s additionally a multi proficient celebrity that he has shown in numerous dramas and recently within the Bollywood screenland once he worked with the highest thespian Bipasha Basu during a horror adventure story picture show.

Imran Abbas got the eye of the folks once he was solely doing commercials and modelling on the other hand once he get the primary chance he didn’t stop at the moment and have become one amongst the highest personalities within the Asian nation cinema.


1. Fawad Afzal Khan

Fawad Afzal Khan

Recently he was given a present for International Icon award by the Asian nation picture show critics in 2016 awards. Despite of that he’s the foremost stunning actor in Asian nation cinema. He started his career in singing with a band however at the moment modelling and in each fields he got success, then he got a chance during a TV drama during which he gave an impressive performance showing everyone his acting skills.

He got the most important milestone of his career once he won a present in Asian nation for the simplest new talent actor in Hindi Cinema for his role in Khoobsurat. He has associate completely stunning temperament and have a cute smile that create him the foremost fascinating man in Pakistani cinema. Fawad Khan is currently one amongst the highest personalities in Pakistani cinema.

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