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Rise of the Tomb Raider:

Rise Of Tomb Rider is launched by the result of success of Tomb Rider and completed the 20 years of success

Rise of the Tomb Raider 20-Year Anniversary: ​​The PS4 version tested

20.10.2016 at 11:21 am A scarce year after the release for the Xbox One and a few months after the release for the PC, Rise of the Tomb Raider finally comes to the PS4. In our test you can see if Laras adventure also makes a strong impression on the Sony console.

Lara Croft has now 20 years on the well-shaped hump. So she has just the right age to do with her dirty things. For example, sending her to Siberia, where she has to take it with bears, witches and heavily armed mercenaries of a strange sect! Have you expected something else now? Chauvinist pigs!

Tomb Raider

The party of the adventurous archeologist now also finally takes place on the PS4. Just over a year, Rise of the Tomb Raider was only available for Microsoft’s Xbox One and on the PC, with the 20-year anniversary edition now also Playstation players can experience the action adventure. And indeed with all published DLCs and further Leckerlis.

Smooth gameplay

The main game remains unaffected, of course. Lara Croft wants to continue the research of her deceased father and is looking for the source of the divine. In the process, however, the sect Trinity gets in the way. As a result, the reboot predecessors await you with highly staged escape scenes, plenty of climbing and exploring sections as well as crashing gun changes. The latter are a little weak in comparison to other third-person shooters, but Lara is like that.

In addition, there are, as in the last part, scattered over the game world scattered challengergräber, whose puzzles are not particularly difficult, but super staged. Even in the normal campaigns are now waiting for more small headnuts to our favorite archaeologist. The developers of Crystal Dynamics have managed a better division of the game elements than before in the predecessor. The gameplay is now more varied and the shooting is by far not so sprawling.

While playful all around, even if quite innovative, runs a little with the story. Rise of the Tomb Raider, unfortunately, only tells a pretty 08/15-adventure story in which the characters remain pale all the time despite pseudo-emotional moments. Remarkable characters or dialogs like in Uncharted 4 should not be expected. Technically, the PS4 version is by the way before the Xbox version. If the Microsoft console still had issues with edge flicker, this was fixed for the PS4. Only the PC version is still a bit prettier.


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