The Last of Us: Part 2 – Did the trailer show Ellie’s mother?

The Last of Us: Part 2 – Did the trailer show Ellie’s mother?

Naughty Dog announced a series of voice actors for The Last of Us: Part 2, speculating as to whether Ellie’s mother is among the new characters.

Developer Naughty Dog donated not only a new, particularly dark trailer for Part 2yesterday to fans of The Last of Us , but also announced some new voice actors, which we first met in the trailer.

Because unlike many might have expected, neither Joel nor Ellie was seen in the new video footage. For that, we met four new characters , who will obviously play an important role. Following Twitter, Naughty Dog announced on Twitter who the voice actors of the new characters in The Last of Us: Part 2 are – and thus made the rumour mill boil about who we actually saw in the trailer.

The new characters in The Last of Us: Part 2 include Victoria Grace (Glee, Iron Man 2) as Yara, Ian Alexander (The OA) as Lev, Emily Swallow (The Mentalist, Castlevania) as Emily and Laura Bailey ( Uncharted 4 , Telltale’s Batman ) as … yes, who actually?

Does the trailer show Ellie’s mother?

Unlike the other speakers, Naughty Dog does not reveal in the tweets who Laura Bailey is talking about. The four black boxes that have been posted instead of letters, but many fans suspect that this could be Anna – Ellie’s mother. Not only the name contained should speak for it, but also a certain similarity.

That would mean that the scenes from the trailer must have played before the events of The Last of Us (Part 1) because we know that Ellie’s mother died shortly after she was born. One of the things she left to her daughter was a letter and a knife that Ellie has been carrying since then and that are of great importance to her.

Also exciting is the fact that the hammer , which was shown in the trailer, was already presented a month ago. At that time we showed you a poster of Kevin Tong / Mondo, with a hand with a hammer in front of a burning car. Similar images could now be discovered in the new trailer for The Last of Us: Part 2. Not only does the hammer itself make a comeback, but its wearer – or its wearer – returns. Also part of the game is the burning car in the background.

The poster was released to celebrate the so-called “Outbreak Day,” in which Naughty Dog “celebrates” the fictional eruption of the Cordyceps pandemic that leads to the end of the world in The Last of Us.

Play The Last of Us: Part 2 in more than one time?

So far, fans thought the poster could show Joe , but this guess seems unconfirmed. Instead, it seems to be the muscular arm of the mysterious woman we saw a month ago.

And maybe another indication that The Last of Us: Part 2 is playing in more than one time. Similar to Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End and The Last of Us: Left Behind, TLOU 2 could switch between times to tell a more meaningful story and tell us more about the motivations and backgrounds of its characters.

But this is pure speculation based on what Naughty Dog has been showing us in the last few days. Whether the character spoken by Laura Bailey is actually Anna and whether The Last of Us: Part 2 really plays both in the past and in the present remains a mystery for the time being.

Naughty Dog himself speaks of another puzzle piece presented to us with the in-game trailer. On the official PlayStation blog, Creative Director Neil Druckmann simply states that the second part of the post-apocalyptic series is still about Ellie and Joel. However, they do not seem to be the only characters the plot revolves around.

There is not yet a release date for The Last of Us: Part 2, so we’ll have to wait a while until we get the answer to this puzzle.

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