The dispute between Nintendo and YouTubers continues

The dispute between Nintendo and YouTubers continues

We’ve reported over and over again in the past that Nintendo is quite unpopular with its handling of streamers on YouTubers. The release of Super Mario Odyssey continues to fuel the debate.

Polygon reports that after the release of Super Mario Odyssey, some creators again have problems monetizing their Nintendo videos. So the popular video game critic video game donkey (Jason Gastrow) condemns the Japanese company on Twitter because he has received a reminder for his video test for Jump’n’Run game, because Nintendo has seen his copyright infringed. On his tweet, several other creators like Boogie2988 and gave their frustration on Nintendo free rein.

The problem with many YouTubers is mainly in the Creators Program of the traditional company. Members of the program are allowed to access all games from the given library. Out of these, they can produce and thus monetize Let’s Plays and Videos with a commentary. Only live streams are in principle since the last change of the usage policy not allowed anymore. Only members of the Creators Program can monetize their Let’s Plays, which is pretty expensive for creators: video producers will have to cede 40 percent of their revenue to Google anyway. If they are still members of the Creators Program, Nintendo will receive another 30 percent of the revenue. That’s a significant amount of professional streamers whose lifetime earnings are based on the advertising revenue from their YouTube videos.

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Incidentally, Nintendo has no problem with demonetized Let’s Plays to its games. Only videos that are monetized by the creator receive a copyright notice regarding the content.

For many Let’s players, this has in the past led to their content becoming more widely published on Twitch, with many streamers making it easier to earn money with their videos, thanks to the affiliate programs.

What do you say to the streaming debate? Do you find it unfair that Nintendo penalizes YouTuber only if they want to monetize their Nintendo streams?

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