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The black eye: Demonicon has been released for the PC and the hero Cairon is now able to explore the gloomy world of the Shadowlands. In the launch trailer, we are being tuned to this new adventure.

Review Of Game:

After the quite well-made intro, the adventure begins with two men standing in front of the barred entrance of a cave. Skulls and skeletons line the archway. “She ran here, I do not know anymore, I guess the marriage plans of your father did not fit her!” explains the more anxious of the two. The other stands there with a raised head and is able to deal with it with harsh words. Finally, he enters the cave alone and goes to find his sister.

So, Demonicon starts a new game from the DSA Universum. But instead of the fairytale idyll, as you might know from Drakensang, Demonicon plays in the shadows, a gloomy and brutal area, which can be compared with the Dragon Age 1 from the setting. The player takes the role of Cairon, who together with his sister and his father tries to survive in this hostile environment. In the city of Warunk, they want to settle down and Cairon’s sister is supposed to marry a highly respected citizen in order to allow her family this. While the game is so uninspired at the beginning of the game, it is getting better and more gripping as the game progresses and is the highlight of the game thanks to many decision-making possibilities.

But let’s go back to the scene. Anyone who sees Demonicon for the first time in action will believe the wrong game has started. The graphics are more reminiscent of the time-honored Gothic 2, rather than a game of the year 2013. Stiff characters, made textures, static lighting, the graphic works in some places quite a polygon arm. Although there are also quite successful sections in Demonicon, generally the graphic quality always varies between ugly and quite good. However, I find at least, one quickly gets used to the no longer contemporary look, especially since it is not as bad in motion as on screenshots.

Download Link: The Black Eye Demonicon


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