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Survival-quest ZARYA-1 STATION

Survival-quest ZARYA-1 STATION
Interactive Horror Story: In this space adventure, you influence an interactive science fiction story with your own choices – for the sake of your life or your destiny.

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Survival quest ZARYA-1 STATION is a small exploration of courageous astronauts who are on their way to the moon in the not too distant sci-fi future. So far so good. Unfortunately, during the explosive mission, you follow a strange distress signal that comes from the dark side of the moon. The survival adventure spins from then on a dense and often oppressive atmosphere, which lives not least from the oppressive accompanying music. Small gags also loosen up the game. As a commander, you give orders to the ground crew on the moon from afar, decide whether the astronauts will expose themselves to dangers or take flight, and have to watch the mission go down the river. Decisions can partly be taken back – if it turns out that it was not a good idea to stroke the acid spitting alien spike monster.
Different ends for the story
This sci-fi horror adventure comes with relaxed gameplay, the strength of the title lies mainly in the captivating story and the numerous possibilities to continue it. Thus, successful team leaders wait for several possible outcomes of the story, and also with a happy ending. Staging and ambiance are outstandingly successful.
Conclusion for the test of the Android app Survival-quest ZARYA-1 STATION
In this space adventure, you command a small group of wacky astronauts through a fascinating (English-language) horror story.
English-speaking, free of charge

HAWK: Freedom Squadron

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HAWK: Freedom Squadron
Fulminant air battles in solo mode or side by side with friends: this ball game scores with rich action and smooth gameplay.
In front of magnificent backgrounds, you fight with HAWK: Freedom Squadron on the side of friends or alone for the supremacy of the air. With a whole range of different aircraft, weapons and upgrades, the gameplay follows the genre guidelines – but with its first-class gameplay, many good ideas and skillful construction, it is different from the competition. Overall, players expect more than 100 levels here, teams can also be formed with random partners, and additional game modes will also offer veterans even more variety. At the end of the levels, we always meet powerful imposing bosses, which we get from the sky especially with the team.
First-class free title
For fans of vertical shooter, this title is compulsory: the combination of intuitive control, smart graphics and gorgeous and often image-filling animations is rarely as well-coordinated as with HAWK: Freedom Squadron. Especially with a friend make the air battles powerful mood, also because the game is based on an essential feature: thanks to automatic fire, no one has to sore the fingers here.
Conclusion on the test of the Android app HAWK: Freedom Squadron
Beautiful levels full of destructible elements, varied enemies and bosses as well as cinematically staged battles make this free game particularly appealing.
German-speaking, free of charge.



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