Telltale Games: Entwicklerstudio dismisses 90 employees

Telltale Games: Entwicklerstudio dismisses 90 employees

The developer studio known for episode games has dismissed a quarter of its employees due to restructuring. The new course wants to focus more on quality than quantity.

Former employees of LucasArts founded the developer studio Telltale Games in 2004 . The team was made up of adventure experts who previously worked on games such as Grim Fandango and Monkey Island . Her employer’s decision to stop production at a Sam & Max game led to leaving and changing studios. After a poker game, the new developer sat in 2005 with Bone: Out from Boneville to his first episode game.

Over the years, many adaptations of well-known franchises such as Batman , The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones followed . In order to be competitive in the future, Telltale Games reduced its development area by 90 employees. According to CEO Pete Hawley , the studio now wants to produce fewer, but higher-quality games. To focus the work entirely on the content, the team relied on proven techniques such as the Unreal Engine and avoided developing their own engines.

Harley emphasizes, however, that the restructuring will have no impact on the current and announced projects. The latest game from the developers is Batman: The Telltale Series, whose latest episode The Enemy Within was released on August 8, 2017 for PlayStation 4 , Xbox One and PC. What do you say to the new course of the studio? Do you think the next games will benefit? Tell us your opinion!

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