Star Wars: Project Ragtag problems & More Updates

Star Wars: Project Ragtag problems & More Updates

Star Wars: Project Ragtag – Not hired for singleplayer focus, Visceral Games had many problems

As the news of the closure of Visceral Games scuttled across the net and it became clear that the Star Wars game the studio had been working on for years had been more or less thrown overboard , there was great indignation. An official statement from EA made it sound as if Project Ragtag, led by Uncharted legend Amy Hennig, was discontinued because it had a single-player focus and the publisher did not see any big turnovers.

However, in an extensive and detailed article , Kotaku reporter Jason Schreier now reports that Ragtag single-player targeting was the project’s least problem. Apparently, much more was in trouble than the public was aware. Schreier, who is known for his insider reports, has talked to about a dozen former Visceral Games staff members and in his article paints a picture of a game that has become far too big and ambitious , while at the same time being thwarted by technical problems ,

Although EA had repeatedly put pressure and demanded an optional multiplayeror sought the direct comparison with Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End , but also internally, Visceral Games wanted to achieve more than they could. The team was understaffed from the start and was involved in projects such as Battlefield Hardline and related DLCs. Due to the expensive standard of living in San Francisco, the studio was also not allowed to hire the necessary staff.

At the same time the morale of the team was not particularly high , because first Dead Space 3 behind the financial expectations remained and hardly anyone had desire in a first-person shooter like Battlefield: Hardline work. The team’s unknown Frostbite Engine, which was to use Visceral Games, was also not designed for third-person action adventure games. Many important features that have been necessarily the case in other projects, had in project ragtag first be drawn up .

After Amy Hennig took her hat off to Naughty Dog and joined the Star Wars project, it quickly became clear that the new Game Director and the Visceral Games team did not go together . The communication became more and more difficult and the game was hardly progressing. Time and again important staff left the studio and EA worried until recently that Project Ragtag would end up just acting like an uncharted clone in Star Wars divide .

At the end of his ( very worth reading ) article, Schreier cites a former colleague who calls the setting of the project a “coup de grace” . The team has known for a long time that they are on lost posts and the singleplayer aspect had nothing to do with the decision to bury Project Ragtime. Currently, the game is completely changed and is now in the hands of EA Vancouver. Hopefully the team will be luckier there.

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