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While fans still have to wait for the first episode of the new Star Trek series, further details about the new Klingons are now being revealed: the brow is an additional sense organ.

At this year’s Star Trek Convention in Las Vegas , the stars of the new series Star Trek: Discovery gave more information about their roles and the new Klingonen . These include the actor Mary Chieffo, Klingon-Commander Kol, Sam Vartholomeos and Wilson Cruz (Chief Medical Officer Hugh Culber).


On the one hand it is confirmed that fans in the series 24 different Klingonen houses and their leaders to discover. In addition, actress Mary Chieffo talked about her role as Klingonin L’Rell, revealing a new detail: the frontal fold of the Klingons represents an additional sense organ .


“The lack of hair was the biggest change that people noticed first, and I assure that there is a good reason why my brows go so far back, it is about sense perception and pheromones Which is in harmony with the canon of the Klingons. I am firmly convinced that we are in harmony with all that was before, but at the same time add another facet. ”

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Earlier there were rumors about the anatomy of the Klingons , which is to be explored in the course of the series, according to the show runners and authors Neville Page and Glenn Hetrick. The idea for the new Klingonen is based on an idea of ​​the former showrunners and author Bryan Fuller. The different houses are partly also a connection to the Klingonen from the past Star Trek series represent.

Star Trek: Discovery from September on CBS and Netflix

Star Trek: Discovery will start on September 24 on the US channel CBS. German fans will be able to access the new series on Netflix from 25th September, just a few hours after the US premiere.


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