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All important news about Star Citizen at a glance: Before the release, we will summarize all the latest information on the space simulation of Cloud Imperium Games for you. Get to know the Alpha 3.0, the Squadron 42 campaign, the Star Map and more! A roadmap and initial details on the system requirements complete the collected article.

Star Citizen is not going to be just a game at release. This is not enough for Chris Roberts, the creator of the legendary Wing Commander series. The Game Designer and the team of its Star Citizen-based Cloud Imperium Games developer studio are pursuing a much more ambitious goal: creating a “living, breathing science fiction universe with an unprecedented immersion.” Dogfights in space represent only one component of Star Citizen. The finished game is to offer with Squadron 42 a real campaign with cineastisch staged action. On the agenda are also battles in first-person shooter style with completely simulated and animated weightlessness. Star Citizen is also planning to explore planets as early as the release of Alpha 3.0.

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All these features are included in a persistent MMO universe, according to plans by Cloud Imperium Games, in which thousands of players are playing at the same time, pushing their virtual career as a pirate, mercenary, dealer or “something inbetween”. These ideas are to be realized in Star Citizen using state-of-the-art technical resources. Chris Roberts and his team swear by the PC as the lead platform and decided to use the CryEngine 3. The graphics frame, which has meanwhile been converted to Lumberyard Engine, will be able to simultaneously calculate space slaughter scenes with more than ten million polygons at the same time, plus a credible physics for ships and the like. The realization of these ambitious plans devours one thing above all: money. Chris Roberts can rely on his community in this regard. More than 150 million US dollars (as of July 2017) came together for Star Citizen via crowdfunding.

Until the release sometime after 2018, the sum is expected to grow by a million or so. With this financial cushion in the back, Roberts increased the developer bar to more than 400 employees working around the globe on various Star Citizen game elements. Such a huge mammoth project also carries risks. Roberts and his team could eventually surpass themselves in the end and fail at too great ambitions and high expectation. But the game designer considers a flop unlikely because Star Citizen differs from traditional retail games. For one, there would be no final goal line like with popular Triple A productions (“Star Citizen is not a sprint, it is not even a marathon” ). On the other hand, Cloud Imperium Games works closely with the community. Through playable builds, discussions, and the video show “Around the Verse”, the team receives feedback during the ongoing development process and can correct early errors.

System requirements for Star Citizen

Minimum system requirements:
CPU: 4 core processor
Memory: 8 GB of RAM
Graphics card: Nvidia / AMD model with 2 GB VRAM

Recommended System Requirements:

CPU: i7 5930 at 3.5 GHz
Memory: 32 GB of RAM
Graphics card: Nvidia GeForce GTX 980 with 4 GB VRAM
Hard Drive: SSD recommended


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