Square Enix is ​​intensifying “Games as a Service” efforts

Square Enix is intensifying “Games as a Service” efforts

Square Enix emphasizes in the current annual report that one would intensify ” Games as a Service ” efforts further. Square Enix President Yousuke Matsuda expressed his viewswith regard to investors and shareholders:

“Gone are the days in which single-player titles played the leading role and multiplayer experiences played a secondary role. Today, multiplayer titles have taken the lead and it has become a standard that games are designed for “long-term and sustainable” games. The terms “multiplayer” and “games as a services” have existed for quite some time, but now they are used with the reference to “game concepts”, which put a strong emphasis on the “long-term player tie”.

We are committed to developing games that are not designed to be launched once after the launch, but where the customer spends more time with them in the long term and is more involved in the game. “

Square Enix promises a higher customer satisfaction and an extension of the lifespan of a game by means of such game designs .

Currently, you can watch the “Games as a Service” efforts at Final Fantasy 15, which has new download content, new story content and much more. Should be supported.

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