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The Survival-Horror-Game SOMA came out very well in the criticism. We also gave a top rating. That’s why there are now these Accolades trailers.  How horrific is the new horror adventure of the makers of Amnesia: The Dark Descent? We have tested Soma and clarify all questions – including video review.

Soma: Test with video: The horror from the depth

Soma in the test: So Dead Space would play if hero Isaac never had a weapon in the handle. How horrific is the new horror adventure of the makers of Amnesia: The Dark Descent?

From the great book of horror recipes, edition 2015: Take the atmosphere of constant tension from alien: isolation, the underwater scenario of Bioshock, the design as well as the disturbing hallucinations from Dead Space. Vigorously stirring and voilà, the new game of horror professionals from Amnesia is finished: The Dark Descent Team Frictional Games. In Soma, she is exploring a seemingly abandoned research station at the bottom of the ocean. In doing so, you encounter mutilated corpses, terrifying monstrosities and murderous robots in the crises of the mind. Read our Soma test to see how the game is going!

A pleasure for the ears

Soma is often za pen duster. So we made some of the self-made screenshots in this article a bit brighter. Soma lives by his sound. It is a game that unfolds its entire fascination with headphones. A wonderfully disturbing sound carpet made of scraps and moans lets us crawl on tiptoes through the ill-lit walkways of the station. The water masses on the other side of the thin walls and the insane pressure on the bottom of the ocean make themselves noticeable with creaking and croaking noises. The whole environment is hostile to life. And we are right in the middle: in the skin of the inexperienced, protagonist Simon Jarrett.

Just as in Amnesia, Simon is at the mercy of the horror of the depth. Soma is an adventure from the ego perspective, no shooter. To survive, there is only two ways left in the linear, approximately seven-hour campaign, as it is for a horror game: to run away or hide.

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