SNES Mini – 2 million retro consoles sold within a month

SNES Mini – 2 million retro consoles sold within a month

Nintendo has announced that the SNES Classic Mini has sold two million copies worldwide.

Nintendo’s retro raid took off just over a month ago when the SNES Classic Mini debuted in Europe on September 29th. It is after the NES Mini already the second console, which has been reissued in a compact version. For fans, the retro trend is obviously catching on and the SNES Mini already moved two million times over the counter within four weeks of its release .

This is revealed by an official report published by Nintendo in a financial status quo briefing. The company’s strategy to thrill two types of fans seems to be bearing fruit. Both players of the original SNES generation and those who have not yet come into contact with the original console should form the target group.

After the announcement last year, the NES Mini was sold out in no time, Nintendo has this time prepared for the onslaught of willing retro-fans. In the production of the SNES Mini, the company had taken precautions and ensured that sufficient consoles would be delivered . From overpriced private offers advises the manufacturer, however, from.

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