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Sim City

Sim City:

Six disasters contain Sim City, which you trigger at the push of a button to get your own city in Bredouille.

Sim City test: Unfinished urban building simulation with a beautiful facade

Six disasters contain Sim City, which you trigger at the push of a button to get your own city in Bredouille. The offer ranges from meteorite impacts through hurricanes to the emergence of a monstrous giant. The biggest disaster, however, is the current state of the game: Many bugs, errors in the simulation engine, a hard-to-see game logic and the unnecessary renouncement of big city maps make a basically entertaining setup strategy game a conditionable patience.

That’s it: In one of eight regions with a maximum of 16 cities, you as mayor of Sim City decide on the well-being and woe of workers, business owners and industrialists. They determine where streets lead along, where police stations and landfill sites are built, water storms, provide the city with electricity and embellish the landscape with parks. Sim City is a game for architects and optimization junkies who want to build the most beautiful / richest / most efficient city.

Info: Online copy protection

To play Sim City, you need a permanent Internet connection. At the beginning of the game you choose on a server, during the server change your previously built cities are not taken over. Game stats are stored on the server, loading a previous game to eliminate errors is impossible.

Sim City

For publication, Maxis and Electronic Arts already offer several paid content packages for Sim City. For each ten euros you get a German, English or French city set which, in addition to a land-like attraction, contains new textures for residential buildings and a special, particularly effective administration building. These packages represent a welcome extension of the building design, but are nevertheless overpriced.

The limited edition of the game also includes the hero and villain package, including the headquarters of Superhelden Maxisman and his arch enemy, Dr. Vu. The two buildings offer some unique options, such as Maxisman can heal fast-wounded Sims or extinguish fires. In addition to these facilities, the DLC also has a fine sense of humor in the luggage, the duel between hero and villain reminiscent of iconic ancient comics.

Sim City: Cheats for offline mode

Sim City Cheats for non-sandbox games in offline mode. This cheat for Sim City uses her in non-sandbox games.

Add 10,000 to your city budget:
Windows: CTRL + ALT + W

Add 5,000 per hour to your city budget
Windows: CTRL + ALT + S

Add 100,000 per hour to your city budget
Windows: ALT + W

Sim City Cheats for Sandbox Mode (also Offline)

If you choose Sim City’s Sandbox Mode, you’ll have automatic access to cheats that will give you a better understanding of the mechanics and interactions of Sim City, as well as transform your world into your own private playground. Press the following key combinations to activate the cheats in Sim City:
ALT + A – Air pollution is turned off with this cheat
ALT + P – Use this cheat to disable the ground pollution
ALT + S – Sets whether your Sims generate wastewater
ALT + F – Enables and disables fire
ALT + M – Your Sims never have any health problems again
ALT + C – Become a hero and eliminate any crime
ALT + H – Homeless Sims are completely optional with this cheat
ALT + W – 100,000 Simoleons for your checkout

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