Shocking animal hybrids that will make you question nature.

 Shocking animal hybrids that will make you question nature.

Cross-breeding isn’t just limited to our pets, there is a whole world out there full of hybrid animals. Some of this cross-breeding occurs in the wild and other times in captivity. It is important to remember that cross-breeding in captivity is largely an irresponsible practice with side effects that includes birth defects, sterilization and other health problems for the animal. Here are 11 animal hybrids you probably never knew existed.
1. The Geep

Nope, that’s not a typo for a safari van. In fact,the safari van will stop dead in its tracks on spotting this hybrid. A combination of a Goat and a Sheep, the Geep is super rare and super cute.

2. The Wholphin

This is what happens when a female dolphin falls head over heels for a handsome, brooding killer whale. Another rare breed – only a couple of them are known to exist in the United States.

3. The Cattalo

This cross between a buffalo and a cow was first noticed in the year 1749. Today, they are categorized as exotic animals. Sure, they are. We wonder if tastes more exotic than beef.

4. The Zorse

Cross between zebra and Horse,they say a Zebra can’t change its stripes. But it can mate with a horse and give its kids differently coloured stripes.

5. Cama (camel/llama hybrid).

There are only five camas known to exist in the entire world. They are bred in the Camel Reproduction Center in Dubai and are bred mainly for their fur.

6. Mulard (mallard/muscovy duck hybrid).

This breed of duck is bred strictly for food and is unable to reproduce.
7. Grolar bear (polar bear/grizzly bear hybrid).

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Most of these animals are born and bred in captivity but there have been sightings of grolar bears in the wild. Researchers believe that cross-breeding between grizzly bears and polar bears will continue as the temperature warms in the Arctic.

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