Seven: The Day Long Gone Game For PC New Released Trailer And Review

Seven: The Day Long Gone

The brand new gameplay trailer is here! We have a brand new gameplay trailer for you with a new music theme for Seven: The Days Long GoneSeven: The Days Long Gone – Exclusive Gameplay Trailer. Check out new exclusive gameplay for Seven: The Days Long Gone. 4 months, 8 days ago.

Seven: The Days Long Gone – The Indie Rolling Game in the Pc Preview

29.08.2017 at 14:32Already last year we were able to take a look at Seven: The Days Long Gone. This year at the Gamescom the developers showed us a little more because Seven: TDLG seems slow but sure to go to the finish line. In our preview, we have summarized the latest information for you and a gameplay trailer is also available on top.

We know that from Poland really good things come, at least since our favorite witch Geralt. Now some of the Witcher developers have joined IMGN.PRO to create Seven: The Days Long Gone, an isometric scrolling game inspired by the glorious Baldur’s Gate.

Seven-Preview: Hallowed be the Vetrall Empire!

You are playing a thief named Teriel, who is sent to the Peh peninsula to fulfill an order. His companion is a demon named Artanak, who sits in his head. The prison island of Peh is controlled by the Vetrall empire, which is based on a man named Drugun. He sought antique, feared artifacts, which gave him a great power. Through them, he could found the Vetrall empire. The island of Peh is your Open World, but you can not enter it completely at first. There are seven so-called Visa zones, which are initially closed but which you can open in the course of the game.

Although the island is a prison island, not all residents are necessarily criminals. Many were just in the wrong place at the wrong time and now try to punish their punishment. Most of them are imprisoned because they owe money to the Vetrall empire, and these debts are time-consuming. The inhabitants are controlled by two large factions: the technology and the biomarkers. The Technomagi are above all the soldiers of Peh and guard borders and roads. In addition, they also devote themselves to the search for ancient artifacts and the study of Ebenezer. The biomarkers are a combination of church and hospital, and sometimes even conduct unethical experiments on humans. They also deal with magic. As a thief, you need to watch who you step on with your actions.

Seven previews: So many gameplay possibilities

In this case, you should rather watch that you behave inconspicuously. No problem with Seven, because you can come in many different ways through the game. Are you rather the creepy style and the insidious attack from the shadows? Or rather the close combat with cool weapons and raw violence? Even if you prefer to use ranged weapons or magic is provided for you, because Seven covers all
The game inspired by Thief Seven: The Days Long Gone is an isometric 3D RPG.
In the role of Teriel, you travel to the dangerous prison island of Peh, always accompanied by your demon Artanak.

Seven: The Day Long Gone
It is best to choose a kind of playing adapted to the respective situations. You can also use Teriel to speed up the time or become invisible, which naturally consumes mana. The best time to search for stolen property is, by the way, a rainy night, because the NPCs have dynamic senses. This means they do not look very good at night and in the rain, they do not hear very well, you can, of course, use this as a master thief for your purposes.

Also, do not get caught loot, because the time is running and when you are seen, you interrupt your raid. Sometimes it can be that you have to play a small minigame to crack a castle. Altogether, there are three forms of the minor examples, which can appear again and again. Since Seven: The Days Long Gone is a role playing game, there will also be quests. Thief-inspired game Seven: The Days Long Gone is an isometric 3D RPG.In the role of Teriel, you travel to the dangerous prison island of Peh, always accompanied by your demon Artanak.
The current level will be 76, 12 of which are main quarters. During this, you can also find special skills or receive a reward, such as the time advance. Use a so-called Skill Chip to build your own abilities. You can choose between different chips.

Crafting should also be implemented in the finished game because a thief must finally be able to exploit his stolen property! It should be possible to craft and upgrade equipment, with weapons and utensils such as grenades or thieves. In addition, the developers want to introduce a clever checkpoint system, which should simplify the respawning and make the fast journey possible.

Seven-Preview: Steampunk meets Blade Runner

Seven: The Days Long Gone convinces with a nice cell shading look and an isometric view. The camera can be rotated by 360 degrees and the weather has been built by the developers. The steampunk look and the neon lights of the cities, which remind of Blade Runner, create an interesting atmosphere, which is well represented by the soundtrack. A release date for the singleplayer game is unfortunately not yet known, however, the developers spoke of an early announcement, which they want to make. Maybe you can play Seven then yes this year on PC. We will keep you up to date.

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