Rumors: Does Rocksteady Plan a Superman Game?

Rumors: Does Rocksteady Plan a Superman Game?

The popular video game series Batman: Arkham established Rocksteady as a comic specialist in the video game area. Now Superman is to learn the Rocksteady cure. As the website reports, the US magazine Game Informer already in its next issue in detail about a new Superman game report, which should be developed by no lesser studio than Rocksteady itself. The fans are allowed to lick their fingers.

The Batman : Arkham series has set standards in some respects. Last but not least, the combat system has inspired many subsequent games and the history of the titles was worth mentioning as it worked pretty much every villain Gotham had to offer. Rocksteady , the team behind the series, is now working on a Superman video game. This is reported by The website claims that Game Informer will be releasing a big title story about the new Superman game in its upcoming issue.

If that proves true and Rocksteady with Superman reach the high quality of the Arkham games, for the first time a decent Versutionung of Superman waiting for us. The last good game came in 1994 with The Death and Return of Superman for Super Nintendo and SegaMega Drive. Everything was barely playable afterwards. The low point: Superman 64. A new Superman on current hardware can actually only get better.

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