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Rainbow Six Siege in Test – Update: Now with evaluation and review video

11.12.2015 at 17:43 With Rainbow Six: Victory, Ubisoft tries once again in the genre of the tactics shooter. We have examined the test version and the open beta of Siege and in our review, reveal what potential the police-against-terrorist battles have.

If there is a game that has made the online shooter known as a genre worldwide, then it is probably Counter-Strike. Valve’s exceptional game has thrilled millions of players for more than a decade, ensuring that hundreds of thousands of shooter fans are still part of the nerve-racking battles, even though Counter-Strike is also in its third iteration, called Global Offensive, in game modes, weapon selection And maps hardly differ from its original version from the year 1999.

rainbow six siege

It is also somewhat unusual that few publishers have disputed the huge success of the tactical police-against-terrorist battles. Lastly, Electronic Arts played with Battlefield: Hardline, but it did not find any big or lasting appeal among the players. Now is Ubisoft’s turn and sends with Rainbow Six: Victory a promising rival in the field. Contrary to Counter-Strike, the tactical shooter of the French publisher offers not only the multiplayer contests but also a single player mode with a total of eleven missions as well as a co-op mode for up to five players. Whether Ubisoft’s title is more successful than Electronic Arts police shooter, we clarify in our test.

If you ask yourself as an online abstinenzler, whether Rainbow Six: Siege is a full-prize title, which should be increased, we can give a short and concise answer after the test experience: No! As in Star Wars: Battlefront, the single-player missions serve the exercise; They are very simply staged and make for a few hours at the most. In the orders, you learn how to break walls, save hostages, defuse bombs, or defend against invaders. In addition, the missions provide the players with a high degree of realism, Rainbow Six: victories. For example, a hit is enough to turn off enemies or even to bless the time. In addition, one learns painfully that not all walls protect one from enemy shots – let alone remain after explosions.

Since the AI ​​opponents are not among the smartest in the shooter genre, the environments are not exactly bursting with details and the singleplayer missions have to do without an action, the single player mode is hardly comparable with other stunts like Black Ops 3 Measuring. Our game time assessment from the review: Depending on the difficulty level (three are available) you need four to six hours to complete all the missions. However, the orders have a positive aspect: they give you experience points, which enable you to unlock new character classes (operators) for multiplayer and co-op modes.


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