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Railway Empire: E3 trailer moved to unofficial railroad tycoon sequel,


16.06.2017 at 11:40 AM The E3 Trailer for Railway Empire presents the most important features of the unofficial Railroad Tycoon sequel from the company Kalypso Media. In addition, a release shift was announced at the show. Railway Empire is to appear next year for PC and consoles.

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Kalypso Media has brought a new trailer to Railway Empire with the E3 2017 to Los Angeles. The clip, which is only about a minute long, presents some basic features of the transport simulation. In addition, a slight shift was announced at the show. Railway Empire will no longer appear, as originally planned, towards the end of this year for PC, PS4 and Xbox One, but only in the first quarter 2018. An exact release date is still not available.

Railway Empire could be described as an unofficial continuation of Sid Meier’s now clearly established railroad tycoon series. The aim of the game is therefore to build an elaborate railroad network with its own railway stations, maintenance buildings, factories and sights. Unfortunately, up to three rivals pursue this goal, which inevitably leads to conflicts. The site is the United States. The campaign begins in the 1830s. You can find all the other available news and information on the topic page of Railway Empire.

Railway Empire Preview: Economic simulation with chic railways and

wild-west scenario:

Virtual model railways run through the US at the beginning of 2018 in the US: Kalypso Media and Gaming MInds have presented the economic simulation in advance. In the preview of the unofficial Railroad Tycoon successor, we summarize all the information about the new game for fans of Train Fever.

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Railroad Tycoon fans are starving for new railroad games with WiSim background on the PC – following the success of Train Fever and its successor Transport Fever, the economic stimulus Railway Empire is now joining the illustrious circle of the heirs of Sid Meier’s grand train simulation. For our preview, PC Games has the new game of Kalypso Media and developer Gaming Minds (Grand Ages: Medieval) to play in detail – all information about release and gameplay is with us!


Railway Empire is launching a story campaign and seven scenarios between the years 1830 and 1930. In the United States, you begin to move a large-scale rail network across vast parts of North America during the gold rush. The maps are subdivided into individual regions such as the East and West coasts or the Mediterranean, there is no great map of the whole continent. In sandbox mode, you have endless money and can indulge your model railroad passion; In the normal game, however, you must pay attention to the financial conditions of your company and, as in other economic simulations, keep smart with your moneties.

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At the beginning of a game, you determine the starting point of your game in Railway Empire as your first city, whether the game is to use a simple or complex network of tracks, and which of six characters with individual strengths and weaknesses mimic your character. Three of the other personalities are taken over by the AI ​​and are from then on your opponents in the pursuit of the dominance in the train business. Info: Railway Empire will not offer a multiplay mode.

You can use the ki-competition to sabotage actions; By hiring special units such as the bandits, they attack incidents on the railway lines of the competition. Or you’re relocating to espionage and stepping up advanced technologies to modernize your own fleet of locomotives. To this end, there is also a rudimentary stock exchange market in Railway Empire where their bonds can be spent to mobilize capital – or where you buy shares in the competition to ultimately assimilate the company as part of a hostile takeover.


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