Quantum Break – Enhanced Update for Xbox One X raises installation size to 178 GB

Quantum Break – Enhanced Update for Xbox One X raises installation size to 178 GB

The action game Quantum Break has already received an enhanced update for the Xbox One X, which significantly increases the installation size of the game.

Prior to the launch of the Xbox One X on November 7, some Xbox One games will be receiving Enhanced Patches , which will allow for better frame rates, sharper 4K textures, and more on the new, more powerful console. This includes the action game Quantum Break by Remedy.

And with the additional huge amounts of data, it is synonymous to the hard disk space on the collar. The installation size of Quantum Break now increases to an impressive 102.5 GB with the Enhanced Patch . If you also install the optional TV series, come again 75.6 GB, which makes a whopping 178.1 GB under the line.

Of course, the installation of the TV series is optional and you can optionally stream it also ingame, but even the normal game size for the Enhanced Quantum Break already shows where the storage journey will go on the Xbox One X. Since the console only has a 1 TB hard drive , it is already foreseeable that it will not be too long before you have to look for an additional external hard drive.

Qunatum Break was released in March 2016, you can find Mirco’s test for the game here . You can read all further information about Microsoft’s Xbox One X in our FAQ , in addition, our hardware test for the console is now online.

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