PUBG – No singleplayer planned, but crossplay between PC & Xbox

PUBG – No singleplayer planned, but crossplay between PC & Xbox

Brendan Greene, as the project manager of Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds, thought about a story mode some time ago. However, he gave this project a clear rejection.

In May of this year, Brendan Greene made an interesting statement: For some time he has been thinking about a cooperative story campaign for Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds, according to the project manager at that time. The whole thing was more of a big dream than a concrete concept, he still limited.

Anyone who then hopes for a possible solo campaign as a future extension for the Battle Royale shooter, but this may now finally be buried. As Greene now clarifies to the English-language website GameSpot, there will definitely be no single-player mode for PUBG.

No time and no resources

The lead designer’s reasons for this are that there is simply no time or resources to do this:

“Because there’s this back story for the island, I had the idea for what I think was a very cool single player, and even a co-single-player campaign, but we have no resources, we have no time, we have none Plans to implement something like this in the game, no, there will not be a single player for Battlegrounds. ”

Unambiguous announcement – even though Greene then once again limited that he wanted to expand the background story of Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds one day quite happy. In what way this should happen, but he left open.

Cross-play instead of single player

However, the developers have a lot of time and resources for another feature: A cross-play functionality is planned between the PC and the Xbox One, for whose preview program the Early Access title should be released towards the end of the year.

However, the developers do not know exactly how the interaction between PC and console players should look like. The biggest currently unanswered question is how to make the cross-play mode as fair as possible. The whole project requires a lot of work ahead – so it is not likely to be implemented too quickly.

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