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Shoot-em-up fans love the Dreamcast classic Ikaruga still hot and hearty today. This makes it all the more surprising how few developers have oriented themselves to the cool black / white mechanics, which at the time provided for a clever innovation in the genre. Developer Manufacture 43 from Bordeaux wants to change this and is currently working on an arcade shooter, which has expanded the gimmick of the famous model with a scissors-stone-paper principle to three colors.

Each of them is particularly strong or weak or is usually active against the opponents, which also flicker across the screen in three shades. In addition, the shield or the special suit can be charged with the appropriate bet – or some of the adversaries are annoyed with double damage.

There are unfortunately no extra weapons or upgrades – instead, you should focus on the colors. In addition, the three variants also have a very different dispersion. Well, I already like the fact that instead of anime characters, classic ships are on the move, and the pleasantly colorful, fluid graphics with their clear, bright colors are reminiscent of game hall and Saturn classics.

Above all, the fast-moving submarine 3D surfaces provide dynamism. As the scene is loud Steam and the official website aha – the “retro-futuristic sci-fi pre-Columbia.” At the first game on the showfloor of the devcom in Cologne, the dive through the Kugelhagel already managed really well and made you want more.

Beginners get a simple mode, while skillful’s can get used to the two higher. You can also choose from a choice of control technology: either by using a sensitive stick (which I liked with the connected elite controller) or digital, eg using a large arcade stick. In September, the game will initially appear as a download for the PC, later plans for PS4, the Xbox One and probably the switch.



Pawarumi game download

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