Paris Olympics 2024 may add esports as medal events

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I must admit that at present. E-sports competition is gaining popularity around the world. Especially in the house, we have a lot of competition. And here it is Another important step in the E-Sports industry when the Paris Olympic bid Committee is considering the possibility of bringing E-Sports into one of the sports. (With the medal) in the Paris Olympics 2024, one of the world’s sporting events.

By this time, Tony Estanguet, one of the co-chairs of the Paris Olympic Committee, has confirmed. They are prepared to discuss with the International Olympic Committee or the International Olympic Committee (IOC) in order to bring competing E-Sports to become one of the sports in the Paris Olympics 2024.

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Tony Estanguet said, “We need to look at it (E-Sports). We will say it’s not about us or the Olympics. The kids are interested in E-Sports. Reach out to them. If you find a bridge that connects ”
“I do not want to say” no “at first. I think it’s interesting to talk to the IOC to better understand what this process is and why E-Sports is a success.”

Also, I would like to continue cheering on that E-Sports will be added. One of the sports in the Paris Olympics in 2024, or for the Olympic Games, will take place every four years (similar to the World Cup). By 2020 it will be held in Tokyo and in 2024 will be held in Paris. Is offline


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