Overwatch: That’s what the cat hero looked like with Jetpack

Overwatch: That’s what the cat hero looked like with Jetpack

A while ago, the creators of Overwatch revealed that in the concept phase of the game, they created numerous heroes who never made it to the final version. Including a cat with jetpack. These concept drawings have now appeared and extremely cute.

Overwatch is so successful not only because of the great gameplay. A large part of the numerous heroes make, all of which are lovingly designed and equipped with touching background stories. In the concept phase of Overwatch, Blizzard has worked with many different ideas on new heroes. Today, only a few of them have really landed in the final shooter. Jeff Kaplan, Game Director of Overwatch, had already revealed some time ago that there was even a cat to fly with the jetpack.

And that is exactly what the developers of Overwatch have shown at the in-house BlizzCon. The picture of the dangerous cat can be found above. There were apparently several ideas for the felinen hero alone. These ideas, however, were rejected just like the rest of the concepts that were too over the top even for Overwatch. Kaplan has also shown a selection of these. Including: A flying monkey, a dragon and a crocodile with a jetpack.

However, Kaplan pointed out that these ideas do not necessarily go hand in hand with Overwatch. Perhaps, according to the Game Director, they will be deployed in a completely different game in the future. No matter what game this might be, I would definitely want to play it.

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