Overwatch: So cool is the new heroine Moira

Overwatch: So cool is the new heroine Moira

The BlizzCon 2017 is currently taking place in Los Angeles. And this has it in it this year. In addition to a new WoW add-on and the Free2Play switching for StarCraft 2, there was also a new heroine for Overwatch to admire. Moira is the name of the good lady and what she can do, I’ll show you in the news.

The BlizzCon 2017 has already produced some big announcements. Including a completely new addon to World of Warcraft and StarCraft 2, which will be offered for free in the future . Of course, the developers at Blizzard have not forgotten their new baby. Overwatch also gets new content. First and foremost the new heroine called Moira, who already presents herself in a cool and cool trailer. Of course you will find the clip at the beginning of the news.

The lady will tidy up in Overwatch with her biotic skills. So it shoots rays that heal allies, while the same rays draw energy from enemies. This will make Moira even stronger. If she is too hard pressed by enemies, she can pull out of the affair with a phase jump. Your ultimate skill then affects the rays. They become significantly stronger and unfold a greater impact on friend and foe. However, the new Overwatch lady has to stand still for that.

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