Overwatch – new short »Honor & Glory« with Reinhardt

Overwatch – new short »Honor & Glory« with Reinhardt

Once again, Blizzard has released a cinematic short to Overwatch . This time the movie is called “Honor and Glory” and revolves around the German Reinhardt and his exploits in World War III in the conflict against the Omnibots.

Reinhardt know players as tanks with heavy armor, shield and hammer. His skills are presented in the short film. In addition, the fight for the emerging in the game castle oak forest in the Black Forest and explains who the dead warrior is on the throne of oak forest.

If you want to look at the fight between German soldiers and omnibots from the other side, take a look at Bastion’s cinematic short film . The most recently published short film introduces Chinese researcher Mei and how she was able to free herself from an icy prison.

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