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Overwatch: Mods, Heroes, Maps – All about the Blizzard Shooter

Since May 24, 2016, Blizzard’s first team shooter Overwatch has been available, and has been providing patches, free updates and special promotions since then. On this page, you will be able to gather all the knowledge you need about Overwatch.

On May 24, 2016, Blizzard released his first shooter with Overwatch. In the best Team-Fortress-style, you will fight with two six-man teams on varied cards and fight for control points or accompanying cargo. The gameplay focus is on different hero characters with their own special abilities. A good team compilation is mandatory. The Blizzard developers also keep adding new heroes. That the online battles are a heathland, we have already established during the beta phase and then were finally enthusiastically tested during the test.

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The story: In Overwatch soldiers, scientists, adventurers and outsiders fight together. During a global crisis, an international force was formed of heroes who were to restore peace to the war-torn world. The heroes ended the crisis and in the following decades helped secure peace. This was followed by an age of discoveries and innovations. But over the years the influence of Overwatch went back until the organization was finally completely dissolved. Overwatch is now past. Heroes still need the Earth.

Overwatch: Team-based goals

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The hero teams, each consisting of six members, fight against each other in many places around the world. “Whether you protect the secrets in the mysterious temple of Anubis, or safely guide an EMP generator through King’s Row – the world is your battlefield,” writes Blizzard. Game modes include control, point conquest, and cargo transportation. In the latter case, the defending team must protect a vehicle until it is brought to the target. On the Pun conquest cards, the defenders try to prevent the attacker from taking two points distributed on the maps. The maps are based on real existing locations, including London, Hollywood and Nepal.

In Overwatch is a large and ever-growing heroic war to choose from, including Roadhog, Junkrat, Lucio, Soldier: 76 and Zenyatta. All the heroes from different nations (including Germany, England and Russia) have their own weapon arsenal, including grenades, shotguns, machine guns and radiation guns. In addition, the heroes have special roles, which are divided into offensive, defensive, tank and support. Blizzard added, “Whether you’re in the middle of the offensive, defending yourself by defending yourself with your energy shield or supporting your allies by increasing your damage – the skillful use of your abilities with your team members is always the same Key to victory. ” Overwatch gives you when creating the group, by the way, screen tips. They show which roles are missing in the party and there are too many of them. If you do not like the selected character, simply change it in the running match.


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