Overwatch: New heroine Moira announced

Overwatch: New heroine Moira announced

Blizzard has used the large stage of the in-house exhibition Blizzcon to unveil fresh content for “Overwatch”. Gamers are looking forward to a new heroine and an additional map!

Blizzcon is over and ” Overwatch ” -Zocker leave Blizzard in-house exhibition with a smile on his face behind. For fans of the online shooter, there were two new announcements, which enrich the intermezzo on the virtual battlefield soon. With Moira, Blizzard unveiled a new heroine who is soon to be included in the game. The lady is a supporter who can both heal and attack enemies with her biotic abilities. With her right hand, Moira removes hit points from her attackers, boosting her biotic energy and healing herself. With her left hand, however, she sends out biotic energy and heals team members in her vicinity.

Strong healer and a new map

Even from a distance, Moira uses her abilities effectively, and optionally fires off a sphere that heals her allies or one that inflicts damage on her adversaries. Using the so-called “phase jump”, the heroine can teleport over short distances. The ability “coalescence” in turn lets Moira emit a ray that simultaneously heals and deals damage. A specific start date called Blizzard not for the new character. This also applies to the fresh map “Blizzard World”, which revealed the manufacturer in the same frame. It is a hybrid card that combines the game variants “Assault” and “Escort”. The map presents itself as a virtual amusement park that picks up scenarios from familiar blizzard games such as “Hearthstone”, “World of Warcraft” and “Starcraft”.

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