Nintendo Switch – 10 horror games for Halloween

Nintendo Switch – 10 horror games for Halloween

Also on the Nintendo Switch, the horror games are spreading so slowly and provide goose bumps. We present ten tracks for gloomy days.

Halloween is imminent, so you can prepare yourself for your annual ritual: Grab a warm cocoa, mummy in a blankie, switch off the lights and insert your favorite horns game.

By the way, if you own a Nintendo Switch, you do not have to go empty-handed, because even on Nintendo’s hybrid console more and more horror games are spilling out, which are suitable for an evening in a grueling atmosphere. I picked out ten titles for you. Some of them are currently even cheaper in the context of Halloween sales in the Switch eShops .

Perception (Adventure)

In the horror adventure Perception you learn in the approach, how it must feel to be able to see anything more. You slip into the role of blind Cassie Thornton, who uses Echoorientierung to make her way through a mysterious villa.

You only recognize schemes and outlines of surrounding objects that produce sounds, which is why the great soundscape plays an even stronger role. Be prepared for some jumpscares too.

We have already examined Perception in our review for the PS4 and Xbox One. The Nintendo Switch version is just in time for Halloween.

Release: 31.10.2017
Price: about 15 Euro

Vaccine (Action, Adventure)

Imagine if your buddy has caught a deadly infection and you have to find an antidote in just 30 minutes – in a randomly generated, zombie-infested villa. That’s what Vaccine is all about, using graphic style and the cumbersome tank control of genre reps of the 90s like Resident Evil.

You have the choice between two characters that offer different abilities and strengths. In addition, smaller combination puzzles await you. If you can not solve the mystery of the villa completely, it will be reset and you will start in a new randomly generated house.

The trick: With accumulated experience points you can increase individual attributes of your character, which provides for some tactical depth. Technically, Vaccine is anything but appealing. Game mechanics and atmosphere are clearly in the foreground.

Release: available
Price: 10 Euro

Bulb Boy (Adventure)

One night, the little Bulb Boy wakes up from a gruesome nightmare and finds that his house is haunted by dark creatures and his family has disappeared. In the 2D adventure you explore the property and solve puzzles to get the secret on the track.

You can fall back on various skills. In the dark, Bulb Boy’s glowing head gives you some light. In some situations he can even unscrew his turnip. Since he is almost a lamp, he even survives electric shocks. You will control other characters as the game progresses.

The graphic style is a matter of taste with its monotonous shades of green, but overall very consistent. The playing time is only about two hours.

Release: available
Price: 8 Euro

The Count Lucanor (Adventure)

Hans is ten years old, his father at war, his mother poor. Therefore, the little blond boy is tired of sitting at home and sets out into the wide world. The reduced pixel style makes The Count Lucanor charming, as if it were a game for children, but appearances are deceptive.

Most of the time you roam through a mysterious castle where you can seek clues, combine items, solve puzzles and avoid dangers. The Count Lucanor strikes after the harmless entry a very gloomy direction, almost disturbing.

Although you only need three hours to complete the tour, thanks to several decision options, different paths and a total of five final sequences, further visits to the horror castle are worthwhile.

Release: available
Price: 15 Euro

Oxenfree (Adventure)

Actually Alex wanted to invite her stepbrother Jonas to a party on a deserted island on which military experiments were carried out. When suddenly a kind of dimension gate opens at night, everything gets out of hand. From there, explore the area to uncover the dark past of the island.

Oxenfree has a very captivating atmosphere, but is available in English only. For that you can change at the switch between button and touch screen control at any time. The HD Rumble support adds to the goosebumps feel.More about Oxenfree in our GamePro review .

Release: available
Price: 15 Euro

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