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Good Knight Story

Good Knight Story
Puzzle, Tricks, Giggles: In this humorous mix of genres, you have to combine playing cards and chasing dragons.

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The free game Good Knight Story tells the story of a brave and kindhearted knight who has to stand by in around 100 levels. The gameplay is a refreshing mix of combination puzzle and rolling game. While the ardent knight dares to go from one dungeon to the next, monster, skeletons, and demons are naturally placed in the way of the wilder sword swinger. The opponents can be defeated with elemental attacks, which can be triggered by combinations of similar game pieces. Because defensive maneuvers can be carried out by combining shield symbols, the battles quickly gain a certain tactical finesse. Rewards are given in the form of coins, experience points or new weapons. As a roll-style game, your own game figure can be pounded up.
Genre mix as a hit
The rather untypical gameplay mix can convince at Good Knight Story right away, which is also due to the slanting gameplay. He is currently suffering from an awkward German translation, but it is still a lot of fun. The game makes long-term mood, also because of the many upgrades and the recurring boss fights.
Conclusion for the test of the Android app Good Knight Story
An exciting puzzle RPG with charm and fun – but also with translation flaws.
German-speaking, free of charge

The Silent Age

The Silent Age
As the last remaining person on the planet, we have to find out what has gone wrong with this point and click title, among other things with time travels.

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At The Silent Age, it is so quiet because humanity has completely died out after a catastrophe. Not quite completely natural, because you are still there and have to find the mystery about the mysterious mass death in the role of a time traveler in the alternation between the 70s and the emphatically despondent present. The scenic Point & Click adventure comes with an oppressive soundtrack and scores with an exciting story, dense atmosphere and tricky but quiet gameplay. Our tip: Use headphones to dive right into the desolate game world. Unfortunately, the high-quality game has a catch, it is not free of charge: the starting chapter is free, but afterwards it is asked to pay: 5, – € costs the second chapter.
Puzzles and design of the extra class
With clever puzzles, elaborate design and a first-class staged atmosphere, exploring the gloomy background story of The Silent Age makes a powerful mood. There is not much action here, however, who is looking for fast gameplay, is not served by the title. The interactive end-time story provides patient gamers with many hours of exciting entertainment.
Conclusion on the test of the Android App The Silent Age
Here you can find a good gameplay in the apocalyptic setting for diving. Only the first half of the adventure is free.
German-speaking, free of charge.


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