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You can play this Android game by the way or with full dedication. If you can not laugh at yourself, you run the risk of becoming completely crazy.
Before it’s at Do not Screw Up! The developers are warning: The app could offend the intellect of the players – in so far as they have one. From the statement, the game content can already be derived: While we try our best to follow the crude instructions of an invisible playmaker, one offense follows the other. The tasks are usually simple: tap twice on the display, execute swipe gestures, tap three times or hold down. Of course, the time is scarce, instructions are constantly reformulated and as soon as concentration makes a break, the game is practically lost. To the “reward” there is then each time a new cover, which you can also pass on to friends. Unfortunately the texts are only available in English.
insult simulator
“Do not Screw Up!” Has no end and a questionable goal: to get offended. No matter how skilled we are, sometimes the hectic perversion always goes wrong and we have to listen to the fact that we parted the same way as the parents did our education. Less entertaining are the numerous and quite intrusive advertising videos of the app. Our tip: net connection hats, then the advertising does not load.
Conclusion to the test of the Android app Do not Screw Up!
A very simple game, which insults users at every opportunity with insults. The gameplay nevertheless makes mood, also because the nasty sayings are quite creative.
English-speaking, free of charge


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Simple, abstract and powerful entertaining. This Android game comes with a creative concept and can tie up for hours on display.
Polyforge is a game for the senses: Smooth graphics, solid game sound and a fantastic ambience make you want more from the first game minute. The gameplay remains simple: an increasingly complex geometrical body rotates in the middle of the display. In the direction of the object, a bright arrow head orbits. As a player, you must now hit the sides of the figure with the arrowhead, which is still simple in the first level with a simple triangle. Once all sides of the object are marked once, a new geometric figure with even more sides or more common angles is created. With trapezoids, hexagons, stars, triangles and figures, which in our opinion do not deserve a name, the whole thing is quickly terribly tricked. We can make mistakes, however, as often as we like: The game always starts at the last visited level.
Atmosphere at its finest
With a smart graphics, beautiful animations and discreetly dreamy background music, “Polyforge” is not just a skill game, the app is also great to relax. If you want, you can also try to compete with other players around the top spots of the Punktelisten.
Conclusion to the test of the Android app Polyforge
A relaxed game with a nice look and a solid sound design.
German-speaking, free of charge.


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