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need for speed prostreet

Need for Speed ​​Pro Street:

Need For Speed Pro is the most famous game among need for speed world with more advanced features and new cars list.


Need for Speed ​​Pro Street: new features and review

Since 2004, Electronic Arts has always presented us with a new part of the successful Need for Speed ​​series for the January issue. As the quality of the games increased from then on, the developer EA Black Box, who is responsible for the illegal street races, got a damper with the past sprout of the racing game Need for Speed ​​Carbon. Criticisms such as untrammeled artificial intelligence, spongy control, failed balancing, and old-fashioned racing modes, both critics and gamblers failed. So it was obvious that something new hermuss. Something that does not build on just warming up. The result: Need for Speed ​​Pro Street.

The first novelty, which appears directly at the beginning of the career, makes a good impression, but is a two-edged sword. Illegal races in the night are passé. Instead, you race as a Ryan Cooper through organized events to become the so-called streetking. The main character does not represent Pro Street any more, a full story does not exist. The identification with your virtual alter ego remains therefore on the line. They simply move from one challenge to the next to meet your goal. The free-access city or police stations, like last seen in Carbon and Most Wanted, are also in vain. So Pro Street gives away a lot of variety. Gone are the days when you simply cruised through the city or were chasing chasing chases with the law-winners. EA Black Box focuses entirely on the Streetracing scene and catches the action at the race weekends convincingly.

Need for Speed ​​Pro Street: The tires are back in October 

need for speed prostreet

11.07.2012 at 00:01 PM PC Games 5 years ago: Electronic Arts announced the release date for E3 2007 for Need for Speed ​​Pro Street. So we can count on the action-racer already in October.

PC Games 5 years ago: On the E3, Publisher Electronic Arts called a release period for Need for Speed ​​Pro Street. The title appears in October. In addition to a damage model, the latest Need for Speed ​​part focuses more on the inner values ​​of a car, so the optical tuning moves into the background.
Your creations – both optical and technical – should be available for download online. Each time someone else uses your configuration, you get certain credits.

Retrospect: After the Underground series, Pro Street should carry fresh wind into the Need for Speed ​​franchise. The reinterpretation is quite successful, even if the action-racer would have done well. Thus, the Framerate itself often broken on perfomanten computer times and with worn-out online races lags the play fun. In addition, the level of difficulty varied frequently – some races were easy to play, while others were difficult to master for veterans.


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