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Need for Speed 2015:

Need For Speed 2015 is launched by the Electronic Arts and this game has more advanced cars and features

Need for Speed: Test, Patch, Tips, Release, Tuning – All about NFS at a glance

No Need for Speed ​​Underground 3, but a reboot of the popular racing series announced Electronic Arts this year. The new NfS was released in November 2015 for PS4 and Xbox One. The PC version follows in the spring of 2016. The arcade racing game of EA and Ghost Games can not convince in the test but completely open despite the game world and extensive tuning options. We collect all the facts, tips and opinions of the community.

After a year break Need for Speed ​​returns: Electronic Arts and Ghost Games announced in May 2015 a new racing game. Contrary to previous rumors, this is not NFS Underground 3, but a complete reboot. The responsible persons, however, want to combine the strengths of popular offshoots like Most Wanted, Undercover and even Underground in one game. The new NFS is geared to the needs of the community and would offer all the features that NFS stands for. And that means: Comprehensive tuning, authentic urban racing culture, an open game world at night and a gripping story.

A reboot from Need for Speed ​​was also needed. Sales figures have declined in recent years. “Ten years ago, Need for Speed ​​went through more copies of the store than today, which means we have a lot of air to go up,” said General Manager Marcus Nilsson in an interview. The euphoria about the announcement of NFS was braked after becoming aware of the online duty and lack of cockpit perspective. Since 5 November 2015 the Racer for PS4 and Xbox One is commercially available. The PC version follows 2016.

Need for Speed 2015

Need for Speed: Free DLCs as a gift to players – notes on card?

Publisher Electronic Arts and developer Ghost Games have emphasized once again that you want to provide all Need for Speed ​​DLCs free of charge. The reason: “The players have earned that.” There are obvious indications for possible DLC areas already in the main game; On the overview of the NfS city of Ventura Bay, there are five suspicious regions that seem to be made for DLCs. Have the developers left these spots extra-blank to fill them afterwards?

Fans: Need for Speed ​​Reboot does not provide enough Customizing options

After the release of the new EA racing game, the negative voices, which are excited by a small selection of components for the optical customizing of cars, are increasing. On Reddit is a community composed list with all available tuning parts such as bonnets and spoilers. The result: Only a small percentage of the vehicle fleet in the new NfS can be customized as promised. The fans are accordingly disappointed.


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