The most popular characters in Dota 2: supporters on

a light line

Analysis of the most popular characters on the role of support in public games

Today we will begin to analyze with you the last class of heroes in Dota 2 – support characters, or as they are called “sponsors”. Usually we disassemble the top five leaders of the table, however in each of the games there are usually two support: the fourth and fifth positions. For this reason, we will split the material into two parts, where we will analyze the top ten most popular characters in this role.

Crystal Maiden

crystal maiden

Participation in games on the light line : 17.07%

Winning statistics : 54,86%

The first on the list was the snow girl Crystal Maiden. Despite the fact that the character is suffering greatly because of a lack of speed of movement, a small amount of health and the fact that developers regularly lower their points of characteristics, it does not lose its popularity. This is explained by many factors – CM can easily kill creeps in the forest, and also thanks to the skill of Frostbite to gang up the characters of an opponent. Nevertheless, the most useful feature of the snow girl is Arcane Aura, which increases the recovery of allied mana on the entire map.

The hero has one of the highest winrates in the game among all the players. This brings us back to a simple postulate – ease of use increases the percentage of victories. Although it should be said that it requires increased attention to positional understanding for the use of ultimate. After receiving level 25, the character greatly increases the damage of the Crystal Nova skill, namely +300 damage.

It is well suited for both the fourth and fifth position. In the late game stage, it is worth playing more carefully, since a small amount of health makes it an easy target. Perhaps this is why players over five thousand use it decreases from 17.07% to 13.83%.



Participation in games on the light line : 11.24%

Winning statistics : 46.52%

The silver medalist of our list was Rubick. The hero is universal and relevant at all stages of the game. The main thing is to get the sixth level and Blink Dagger. Also, the availability of Aganim’s Scepter. His popularity can only be explained by an incredibly great potential. He has both a control skill (Telekinesis), a skill that deals damage (Fade Bolt) and a passive aura that reduces magical damage by 22% (at the last level). Cherry on the cake is the availability of a “skill” called Spell Steal, which allows you to steal from the opponent the last used spell.

Nevertheless, often the choice of Rubick in public games is more of a stupidity than a justified hope. This character is for an artist. The fact that he is a hero of support doubly complicates the task. Too much responsibility rests with the person who chose Rubick: he needs a lot of gold and mistakes are unacceptable. As support on the line, it is quite useless and is unlikely to be able to drive someone.

About the purpose of Rubick everything becomes clear when viewing statistics – the highest percentage of victories in the ranking of over five thousand – 47.12%. On the same rating, it is the most popular support – the percentage of participation in games has grown to 15.51%.



Participation in games on the light line : 10.69%

Winning statistics : 46.90%

Lion is one of the most versatile support in Dota 2 . Thanks to the Hex skill, it fits perfectly against heroes with “escape” – Ember Spirit, Puck, Faceless Void and others. Also, the number of pluses can be added that it can act as an initiator and instantly cause a lot of damage (thanks to the ultimate Finger of Death skill). When buying Aganim’s Scepter, the ultimate ability operates in a certain radius, but it is not popular with professional players. In general, the approach is correct, as it is often taken to the fifth position. This is due to the presence of two control skills. The main thing that he needs – Blink Dagger.

As for talents, Lion has plenty to choose from: at 10th level +60 damage / + 75 to ability range, at 15th level +90 gold per minute / +80 damage from Earth Spike. If you are striving to maximize the role of support, then you should take +75 to the range and +90 gold units per minute. This will allow you to better initiate and provide money for wards, smokeys and other small things.

Unexplained, but Lion’s wins are lower than Rubick’s. In general, it looks strange, given the simpler device of the character.

Ogre Magi

ogre magi

Participation in games on the light line : 10.37%

Winning statistics : 51,87%

Ogre Magi can be safely called the best support for participating in public games. He has incredible characteristics for the hero support: at the first level, health regeneration is 4.63 units, the number of armor is eight units and 660 health units. In this regard, his fourth place on the list causes some confusion. It’s also worth mentioning that he has the Fireblast control skill, and the Bloodlust buff, which increases attack and movement speed.

Due to its characteristics, it can profitably change health with enemies in the early stages of the game. He also has a nice branch of talent: +60 gold per minute for the 10th, + 12% increase in resistance to magic on the 15th, +350 health at the 20th level, and + 40% of the attack speed from Bloodlust on the 25th. All this allows him to significantly strengthen the allies and act as a tank team.

His winrate slightly decreases with the growth of players’ rating. Nevertheless, in the current five, he ranks second in the statistics of victories.




Participation in games on the light line : 9.73%

Winning statistics : 50.59%

Pudge is the public’s favorite and one of the most nasty “supporters-roamers.” Once he took only on the middle line, but many realized the danger of the presence of Pudge in the game. The most important thing is that the presence of this character in the opponent starts to strain itself. In the rest – much depends on luck: will Meat Hook fall into the opponent. For this reason, he is extremely unpopular on the professional stage.

In general, it is not suitable as a line-support. Pudge can only run between the lines and, if lucky, kill the rivals. The only advantage of the skills is the presence of the Dismember disable, which acts through immunity to magic. If you are confident in your skills, then safely choose a “butcher”.



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