Mega-Update for Google Earth

Mega-Update for Google Earth: Now there are the new functions for all systems.

After years of development, Google Earth has been modernized from the ground up. After the new functions so far only in the browser and under Android were to be seen, now also the iOS app has got the big update. These are the new features of version 9.

Google Earth

When Google Earth 2005 was released for the first time, many people were no longer astonished. The Earth, round as it is, as a virtual globe on your own computer Now discover the latest bargains at Saturn !. And with (zoom) functions, which were so far only known from Hollywood films. Years later, Google Earth has become accustomed, but the “flying around” and digital sightseeing of strange places is still impressive.
After Google Earth some time ago for the browser and for Android has received a huge update, now the iOS application follows: iPhone users now use the Google Earth app to version 9.
This makes GoogleSEO for beginners to ensure that the application will also work on iOS 11: since the update, Google Earth also supports 64 bits.

Google Earth

So far, Google Maps has always seemed to be expanding the features of Google Earth, this time it’s different. What has proven itself in the field service is now also moving into the virtual globe.
Google Earth is now able to deal with indirectly formulated search queries. “Soccer Stadium Munich”, for example, delivers both the Allianz Arena and the Gr├╝nwalder Stadium. It is therefore no longer necessary to insert the exact address. Also new is the integration of so-called knowledge maps, with which you briefly summarize background information on your virtual destination. Thus, in a search for “Paris” interesting information about the capital of France can be found.
And where we are at Paris: landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower, and other buildings can be encircled and viewed from all sides since the update in a 3D view. To do this, simply hold down the Shift key and use the mouse to change the map view. With the “good luck” function, which is shown in the left sidebar with a cube, you also discover random places all over the world.

Android users have two ways to use Google Earth in version 9.0: either as a normal Android app, or as an APK file that is updated slightly faster.
Both variants already have all the features you can use in Chrome and can be used at least as convenient as the browser pendant.


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