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He played youth drama “Life Is Strange” was favorite of critics and players. The editorial team played “Before the Storm”. A prequel with Chloe and Rachel.

The so celebrated “Life Is Strange” goes to the next round. With “Before the Storm” but as a prehistory, not as a continuation, nor from a manufacturer other than the highly regarded French Dontnod. Can this work? Are the Americans aware of the high expectations of Deck Nine? They try hard. Engaged with Ashly Burch a spokeswoman for the mother’s game, professing to be all the huge fans of the game. And they praise their program “Story Forge Tool” as the wisdom last conclusion. With that, they bring the facial expressions and emotions even more directly into the game. The plan seems to be on the horizon: Everyone who has played “Life Is Strange” immediately feels at home in “Before the Storm”. This is due to the almost unchanged loving graphics and overall design, the identical operation and a few gimmicks.

Played: Life Is Strange – Before the Storm

“Age, how he is annoying,” thinks Teen Chloe about her mother’s new. A feeling that never sets in the prequel. The editorial team played only a part of “Awakening”, the first of three regular episodes (6 to 9 hours of total time). But that was like a homecoming for “Life Is Strange” graduates and lovers.


  • Good feelings
  • Consistent music
  • Loving design
  • Homely atmosphere
  • Interesting story


  • Proximity to cliches

Assessment of the editorial team

  • Good

Before the Storm: No doubt

life is strange

Nevertheless, there are euphoria attenuators. Although the player learns a lot about the lost in the main game Rachel and all sorts to the relationship braid. But is this enough to compensate for the disappearance of the acclaimed “time-rewind” feature? A scene from the new game leaves no room for doubt: Chloe sneaks into an illegal punkrock shed, steals money (or not?) And gets anger with bad boys, which she uses with Rachel – everything sounds copious.

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