League of Legends: Dragon opens the final of the World Cup

League of Legends: Dragon opens the final of the World Cup

Last night, the grand finale of the World Cup was held in League of Legends . The match was for the majority of viewers even before the incident. Because a big dragon flew during the opening ceremony in the stadium and led to great cheers from the fans.

Last night Riot Games hosted the World Cup Final in League of Legends. Before the big clashes between the Samsung Galaxy and SKT T1 counterparts, a more than entertaining opening ceremony was fired at which other events could well cut a slice. As an absolute highlight suddenly appeared the “Elder Drake”, flew to the stage and then lifted off again over the walls of the stadium.

Of course, this is an augmented reality projection in which the computer-animated dragon was placed on the real stream images. Either way, it’s an impressive finale. Especially since “Legends Never Die”, the theme song for League of Legends was performed live. Also, the Twitch chat, which is still visible on the side of the streaming service, was obviously thrilled by the dragon.

By the way, by the way, Team Samsung Galaxy prevailed again against the competition. With a clear 3 to 0 they put SKT T1 in their place. These were visibly shaken by the defeat . After all, they had narrowly lost 2-3 against the same opponents in 2016 and had chances of winning the trophy and the prize money this year.

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