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LawBreakers: Vanguard class presented in the video

09.08.2016 um 16:35 Uhr The developer team of Boss Key has released a new video about the multi-player shooter LawBreakers, in which the game class Vanguard is presented. On the weekend, the last alpha test phase of the online title ended. The final version of LawBreakers will be released for the PC in the summer of 2016.

Over the past few weeks, the Boss team has been releasing new videos of the latest four different game classes from the multiplayer arena shooter LawBreakers. In the latest episode, the class Vanguard is now the focus. This is a very mobile class, which makes life difficult for their opponents with various attacks from the air. The published video gives an insight into the typical playing style of the vanguard in a round of LawBreakers.

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On the weekend, the final alpha test phase of the online shooter ended. The developer team with chief developer Cliff “Cliffy B” Bleszinski – known through his work at Epic Games – plans to release LawBreakers currently for the summer of 2016. So far the shooter is only announced for the PC. However, discussions about possible versions for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One have been discussed internally, according to the developers.

LawBreakers: Cliffy B sees huge differences to Overwatch

23.06.2016 at 15:50 In the summer with LawBreakers, another hero of the hero shooter genre appears. Head developer Cliff “Cliffy B” Bleszinski clearly sees the danger of going underway with Blizzard’s Overwatch. That is why, in an interview, he also points out the differences between the two titles, which he considers to be blatant.

So-called hero shooters are currently difficult. However, many future genre representatives unite a common problem. His name: Overwatch. Blizzard’s contribution has been extremely successful, and is undoubtedly a great deal of interested players. Cliff “Cliffy B” Bleszinski (formerly Epic Games) also appears to be in danger with LawBreakers. In an interview, the team designer was therefore forced to point out the differences between Overwatch and LawBreakers.

On the one hand, the style style would be: While Overwatch would be “extreme colors and almost anime-moderate characters”, LawBreakers with its rather realistic graphic style would be much more “brave”. In addition, one concentrates on a small number of different, balanced game figures, while in Overwatch there would be “one whole carload”. Less is more in this case. In addition, Lawbreakers also does not so much rely on this “scissors-stone-papers-thing”.

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As far as Bleszinski is concerned, he explains, “If you get the wrong character around the corner and the other has the right one, you’re dead.” In LawBreakers, skill is more important. With sufficient presence, it is also possible to send a complete team into the virtual beyond. In Overwatch, however, this is completely unthinkable. How LawBreakers can compare with Overwatch, we may find out shortly: The release is planned for this summer.

LawBreakers: Alphatest is starting this weekend

14.06.2016 at 13:15 clock Still this weekend starts the first closed Alphaphase of the multiplayer shooter LawBreakers. Registration is still possible. With the alpha players’ feedback, Boss Key developers want to further improve the game and prepare for an early access release later in the year.

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On the PC Gaming Show within the framework of the E3 2016 the developers of Boss Key presented the current state of LawBreakers. In a fast-paced gameplay trailer, you could see a map that has never been shown before. In addition, the makers announced the early start of the first closed Alphatest. Already next weekend, from June 18, 2016, the servers open for selected players. In the development lab at the end of this message, the team explains the exact plans for the alpha.

“While we have shown the game at various events over the last year, we are starting to present LawBreakers officially this weekend. I can not wait to see how much heartbreak and work our development team has already done in this year And we’ve got a lot of new content coming into the alpha phase and beyond as we work with the community to further shape and improve the game, “Explains Cliff Bleszinski, chief developer of Boss Key.

In the course of the summer there will be more, larger test phases. Later this year, LawBreakers will start the early access phase on Steam. “This phase allows Boss Key to make the game accessible to more players while adding more features, maps, modes, roles, and other content,” the official announcement says. At prices and a targeted final release date nothing is known so far. For the closed Alphatests interested players can still register on the official website of LawBreakers.


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