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Just Cause 3 Test plus 30 minutes of video: An action-packed trip to

the land of unlimited explosions

How do vacation flair, a fantastic flight feeling and the greatest explosions of the game history fit together? Our test for Just Cause 3 and its valuation is based on more than 30 minutes of video material, as the chaotic action series creates the leap into the Olympus of the Open World games. Tip: A certain Mr Greifhaken has played a decisive role in this.

Just Cause 3 presents itself as an uncommonly honest game. From the outset, developer Avalanche Studios has laid the cards open: the action game designed in Stockholm and New York wants to deliver big explosions, absurd stunts, insane flight sequences and loads of bombast. This allows you access to an arsenal of vehicles, giving you destructive weapons and other tools to hand. How you use them is up to you. Many things are possible, more than in many other action games. Just one thing you can not expect from Just Cause 3: Realism.

Test: Organized chaos

Just cause 3

Source: PC Games
“Creative Destruction” could be called this: Just Cause 3 provides you with the island group Medici a beautiful sand box with holiday atmosphere, where there are several applications for rocket launchers, jets, helicopters, gun boats, wingsuit, parachute and the tried and tested grab hooks. For the world, which is freely accessible at any time, is dotted with military bases and settlements suppressed by a dictator, altogether far more than 100. Your task: eradicate every reference to the military and propaganda machinery of the regime with all possible means.
In the test, it quickly became clear that one has to make the fun in a certain way, since compared to Just Cause 2 hardly changed anything. You should already have a passion for experimenting and experimenting. What happens if I attach (infinitely) C4 explosives to a goat and hurl them onto a tank by cable catapult? Can I catch a passing jet with my grab hook and direct it into a nearby watchtower? And how can I arrange a chain explosion from gasoline tanks as cleverly as possible in order to lure a hostile camp with only one shot from the missile launcher?

Just Cause 3

This is not as fast bored as in Just Cause 2 is due to a series of improvements. So the bases in Just Cause 3 are simply bigger and more varied. They all draw from a pool of special objects to be destroyed, which are practically painted in the red color. But around these transformers, satellite dishes and dictator statues, the level designers have designed colorful and very different settlements.

So you are in a subterranean cave, then you jump back and forth between several towers of many meters, or bombs a military post built in the mountain with several runways for jetjets of the regime. Beautiful coastal cities with a pretty old town alternate with skyscrapers dominated cultural centers and central positions are dominated by almost impregnable fortresses with thick walls and even richer guns.

The defense measures are becoming increasingly severe as the game progresses. Anyone who approaches the helicopter is shot down by Flaks, but their missiles are fortunately reprogrammed and directed to enemy aircraft. AI soldiers call for reinforcements, which are approaching land, air and water. At the same time, we can always ask for help, such as automatic rocket launchers or allied armored units open the gates. Mine fields surround bases on the coast. Tanks and stationary guns take on the hero of Just Cause 3. Snipers and thick armored enemies with minigun make your life difficult. The initially low level of difficulty rises ever further without ever assuming unfair proportions. Protagonist Rico Rodriguez has one thing above all: his outstanding mobility.


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