IPhone 8 will be presented “on schedule”

IPhone 8 will still be presented “on schedule”


iPhone8 launch in September

It is reported that the mass production of the iPhone 8 started, and the device will still be traditionally released in September.


In recent months, many experts have questioned Apple’s ability to release the iPhone 8 in the traditional launch window in mid-September. Such a conclusion was made on the basis of the obtained fragmentary forecasts of analysts (for example, Bank of America or Morgan Stanley). While limited device shipments are still questionable, the likelihood that Apple will have to postpone production, perhaps the biggest batch of the iPhone since its first release 10 years ago, is small enough. Confirmation of this is the appeared @OnLeaks data that mass production of devices has already begun.

This may mean that the iPhone 8 will still be introduced in September. And if you do not really trust the rumors, then pay attention to the forecasts of Apple . The company expects 12% growth to be recorded in the next quarter, which will not allow the company to delay the release of new iPhone.

In addition, according to @OnLeaks, in the near future we will receive more and more leaks. Mass production allows potential spies to “merge” a few photos even though Apple is doing everything possible to avoid it.



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