INVASION: Arab hawks Free Download for PC | Laptop (Windows) | Android | IOS

INVASION: Arab hawks Free Download for PC | Laptop (Windows) | Android | IOS

INVASION: Arab hawks Free Download for PC | Laptop (Windows) | Android | IOS

Now joined to the world of Arab hawks is full of trophies, challenges and fierce wars (between servers) and enjoyed the challenge of international star (Haifa) and play against them face-to-face with the most powerful weapons and the most dangerous tactics!

Chosen by the Facebook as one of the best mobile phones of modern warfare and interactive games.

Arab Falcons game is an Arab war strategy relies on a sophisticated selection of military build your leader and design of your base of war and join the most powerful Arab alliances with them to challenge the most dangerous players in the fact that the dimensions and designs triple not realistic battles by the initial promoters. do not wait!!! Prepare your tanks and missiles Bombard your aircraft other players and destroyed the rebels blew up their military bases to control the world-weary global disasters and be the greatest Arab military commander known to mankind.

【Game】 features

◆ Choose a military incision with your leader and a path to glory is fraught with mines and explosives
◆ plans and built your base to become an impregnable military bulwark against the fiercest opponents and enemies
◆ joined the alliance and fought with them the most dangerous Arab alliances in the devastating wars between servers
◆ army scary universe of tanks and armored vehicles and even rocket launchers, missiles and aircraft
◆ players fought face-to-face PVP and guarantee victory by using the best and smartest tactics
◆ attacked players and rebel factions and occupied their bases of war and military leaders arrested
◆ Ahacd your friends and share your allies in launching PVP and collective attacks against your opponents and enemies
◆ dominated the world to become the prime minister and the face of those who oppose nuclear strikes your way
◆ occur, you know, continue to enjoy the company of the players and the players from various Arab countries
◆ reviewed the view of your base dimensions trilogy variety as you like, longitudinally, either side or even from the sky

● Global disaster is only the beginning – governments fell and the rivalries and competing rebels for control of this new chaotic era. Do you have the necessary qualifications and weapons to deter them? Do you have enough to rule the world by yourself?

== hawks carry the Arabs and fought to control the world now ==


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