How GTA Online changed Rockstar


Last week, the head of the publishing house Take-Two, Strauss Zelnik hinted that after the success of GTA Online, the policy of Rockstar will never be the same – the company will take the experience into account when developing new projects. We tried to figure out what it could turn out to be for fans of Rockstar games.


Refusal of plot additions

GTA Online changed Rockstar

Even the most optimists are no longer waiting for the plot additions for GTA 5 : in the four years that have passed since the release, the company has not released a single one. Hints for additions appeared regularly on the net: for example, actor Sean Fontenot, who voiced Franklin in Grand Theft Auto 5, once published in Instagram photograph, which was sitting in a suit for capturing movements against the background of the poster GTA 4. Fans waited for a return to Liberty- City, meetings with Karl Johnson, or even just new adventures of the trinity from GTA 5. But in vain – this story did not receive development.

There is no doubt that there will be demand for the plot addition: there is no doubt that the GTA 5 circulation has already exceeded 80 million copies, and even if it was bought by at least a quarter of the fans, it would easily pay off. But Rockstar found a way to earn much more money.


More Multiplayer

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According to the agency SuperData, GTA Online only using microtransactions has earned more than a billion dollars, which makes it the most profitable digital console project for the entire existence of consoles (and it’s only from online, without taking into account the GTA 5 itself). Against the backdrop of such figures, another part of the company’s report is not surprising: analysts predict that this year users of consoles will spend more on games than on the games themselves.

This, probably, was the reason for refusing the plot additions: yes, they can also be earned, just not so much. Instead, Rockstar is much more beneficial to direct all resources to the development of online mode. Moreover, this is not at all difficult: GTA Online does not require payment for voice actors, sessions of capturing movements, creating new locations and other costly things. It’s enough to keep a team that will add new clothes, vehicles and simple modes to the game – apparently, this formula brings a huge income. For the entire existence of GTA Online, the developers have only once violated this rule, releasing a large addition to the robberies – nothing more global since then has not appeared.


Microtransactions and a new system to combat cheaters

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If Rockstar continues to bet on multiplayer, then its products will become much less popular – simply because network games themselves irritate players more than single players. It’s enough to look in the Steam reviews section about GTA 5: if the story company is usually evaluated positively, then almost all negative reviews are related to GTA Online. The main annoying factor is microtransactions. New additions though are distributed free of charge, but the purchase of the items represented in them requires a lot of game currency: you can get it either repeatedly passing through familiar missions, or by investing real money.

Another problem is cheaters. Even decent players became a victim of scammers: there was a story when hackers found a way to not only calculate the currency for their character, but also distribute money and experience to other players on the server. Rockstar in response simply began blocking all suspicious accounts, including innocent players. Judging by the same feedback on Steam, many did not manage to do anything with it – it was necessary to buy a new copy or say goodbye to the game. It is unlikely that in new games Rockstar will refuse from microtransactions: the financial results of GTA Online show that there are plenty of people ready to pay this way, but on micropayments players swear in any project. But the fight against cheaters should be given more attention – it is felt that while Rockstar has little experience in this area.


Tightening control of modifications

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In June, a scandal erupted around GTA 5 : Take-Two and Rockstar decided to close the OpenIV modification tool, because it supposedly circumvented the protection of games and modified the software. Fans of GTA 5 required to leave the creators of mods alone and bring down the rating of the game on Steam. After a while, Rockstar said that it has no claims to the authors of single-user extensions, but will continue to follow online mods: if the extension has somehow affected the game over the network, the company is even ready to sue.

But soon Rockstar closed another single-player mod, the authors of which wanted to recreate in GTA 5 the city of Liberty City from previous releases of the series. Fans have long worked on the expansion, but after the conflict with Rockstar said that they are forced to reconsider their plans. The life of modders is unlikely to be simpler: when it comes to revenues of billions of dollars, Rockstar will become much more serious about the extensions. The company’s new policy prohibits not only online fashion, but also the use of characters and locations from other projects of the company. In the future this list of requirements can become even greater.

The nearest project Rockstar will be the western Red Dead Redemption 2, which release is scheduled for next spring. The plot mode of the game is unlikely to present any surprises, but whether it will be possible to do something like GTA Online is a big question. Still, the Wild West is not the most popular and common theme among fans of online games.

However, if RDR Online does not work out, Rockstar can always return to GTA. Rumors about the sixth part began to appear even when the fifth was announced. Recently, the network has a summary of actor Tim Neff with the mention that he allegedly participates in the seizure of movements for GTA 6. Neff himself denied this information, but that Rockstar decides to stop the development of the series, it is hard to believe. And in the new issue, the network regime is likely to be paid the closest attention.




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