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The Hitman adventure of IO Interactive has been played by over five million individual leisure assassins. This was the announced by the makers on Twitter. Hitman: The Complete First Season in the Test – Now with Valuation Update for the complete first season plus review video.

Reviews of Hitman

Hitman went at the start with his fans’ controversial episode format on 11 March 2016. In the meantime, Episode 6 is available and therefore the final of the complete first season. In the final review, you will be able to see if the six individual episodes are now linked to a single game and where the strengths, and weaknesses are in Hitman: The Complete First Season.

Wonderful, so a weekend in Paris! But instead of looking at the beauties of the Champs-Élysées, the Eiffel Tower, or the paintings in the Louvre, our focus in the “City of Love” is the creative art of commission murder – in the role of Hitman Agent 47. As a striking, cynical assassin in a perfectly fitting suit with a red tie, the Hitman is now performing his deadly tragedy in his episodic form for the first time since his debut appearance in 2000. In the intro pack released in March, there were two training missions of the prologue and only the first Schauplatz Paris with its staged story mission to see. In the meantime, the six events are available with the season finale, which was released on October 31, 2016, in Hokkaido. As for the complete season, Test update to Hitman, including a final game pass rating.

Hitman: So Agent 47 controls itself

As Agent 47 began his career at the secret agency ICA 20 years ago, you can play it in the Prolog, which is built as a tutorial. The control to be learned is not complicated and works with both the gamepad and mouse and keyboard quite properly. Except for the fact that the button to hide a body often times Ruzicka and depending on the camera angle disappears and reappears. Hotkeys in the PC version would have been nice, however, in order to be able to call particular equipment and weapons. Compared to the PS4 version, however, we found the mouse keyboard variant a bit more precise. What a little annoying, is the in our opinion, exaggerated large button inserts.

Level of difficulty

What we like very much, are the game mechanics options Hitman offers. A number of aids are activated by default: a permanent mini-card, NPC warning, waypoint markers, and more. This is a real blessing for Hitman beginners because whoever has not played the part of the series is likely to be overwhelmed by the possibilities of a mission. The switchable instinct mode, which highlights objects and persons also by walls, is by the way permanently available.
Anyone who wants to, however, can turn off this whole Casual-Firlefanz individually or completely. Well so – in this way, every Hitman player should find the appropriate settings for him. Also, a concession to new or impatient players is the free storage in the story missions, in addition, there are plenty of fairly distributed checkpoints.

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