Heroes of the Storm: Two fresh heroes and many innovations

Heroes of the Storm: Two fresh heroes and many innovations

fresh wind is blowing in the “Heroes of the Storm” camp: Blizzard has announced two new heroes for the MOBA as part of Blizzcon. Soon thereafter the archer Hanzo from “Overwatch” and the dragon king Alexstrasza from the “Warcraft” -Universe will move into the game. While Hanzo goes into battle as a ranged assassin, Alexstrasza comes in as a supporter. She heals teammates at the expense of her own life energy, but when needed, she also makes a mighty release by transforming herself into a dragon and properly inflicting damage with the Flame Strike ability.

Numerous optimizations

In addition to heroes, Blizzard had plenty of new features to enhance Heroes of the Storm. The developer uses a new camera perspective to increase the visibility in the game. Characters in stealth mode should be easier to discover in the future. To compensate, disguised heroes receive buff effects. In addition, Blizzard wants to make the early game phase by optimizing more interesting. In the future, defense towers will have unlimited ammunition, regeneration balls can be collected from both sides for a short time before their disappearance, and timers for the first target will be unified at 1:30 minute and 3 minutes, respectively.

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