Halloween: The best in-game events for the creepiest day of the year

Halloween: The best in-game events for the creepiest day of the year

Like every year, many developers use the opportunity to start special events in the pre-Halloween season. For our horror theme week we have selected and summarized the most interesting actions for you.

October is nearing its end and as every year, this means for many games that a special Halloween event is organized. In addition to cosmetic innovations, some developers have also put something to the test and offer new game modes, boss opponents or pets. Within the scope of our Horror Week we have summarized the best and most scary actions of this year for you.

For Honor – Feast of the Otherworld (until November 2nd)

In For Honor, you can customize your heroes with new, optical items in the “Feast of the Otherworld” event. Beside new Battle-Outfits for each hero there are also exclusive emotes . In addition, light was brought into the dark by the menu tab ” Masks ” introduced in the last patch . You can buy this new Item-Art like Mystic Outfits. They work in a similar way to the already known effects that your hero performs at a standstill, during an emute or execution. In addition, during the event you can play the game mode “Endless March”try out. This works similar to rule, but places a stronger focus on the AI warriors in the middle of the battlefield. The latter are small skeletons for the duration of the event.

Pokemon GO – Halloween Event (until November 2nd)

The main innovation to Halloween in Pokémon GO are the new ghost Pokémonfrom the third generation! These include Zobiris, Banette and Shuppet. Also, you can find a pikachu with wizard’s hat in the wilderness and unlock new cosmetic items . If you want to farm candies, you are still looking forward to bonuses for catching, exchanging and incubating Pokémon. In addition, your Buddy Pokémon will find twice as much sweat.

FIFA 18 – Ultimate Scream Team (until 1 November)

The Halloween event in FIFA 18 concerns the Ultimate Team Mode . Here, 23 players have received an orange special card for the special achievements of their real role models . These are characterized above all by higher player values. The corresponding cards replace the standard variants until 29 October, but only if you get them new. Cards that you already have are not automatically upgraded . If you get an orange card, it will give the player a boost from 29 October to 1 November . This of course ends after the event. Looking away from the color the player cards after Halloween do not differ from the normal execution.

Rocket League – Haunted Hallows (until 6 November)

In Rocket League, you can use the event currency to find cosmetic items.In Rocket League, you can use the event currency to find cosmetic items.

In the first Halloween event of Rocket League, you can get the currency Candy Corn for each round . So you can then buy in the shop Halloween items , keys and creep fun boxes. Cosmetic items include new stickers, wheels, rocket marks, and gate explosions. The items contained in event boxes are not tradable ! The currency Candy Corn also expires one week after the event.

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare – Willard Wyler’s Halloween Scream (until 1 November)

In Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare , you will receive free Halloween supply drops for logging in . In addition, there are still cosmetic items and a few equipment items, as well as skins. Also on the playful side there are a few peculiarities. This includes the return of the Gesture Warfare mode , in which you can push your opponents with your hands and crush them. In addition, the Carnage card from the Retribution-DLC is available to all players and gives a double experience point in a special Playlist.

Killing Floor 2 – Halloween Horrors Event

In the zombie shooter Killing Floor 2 , you will get a new map in the head of the horror clown Boozo. You can also find new achievements and two new weapons . During the event you have the possibility to unblock Halloween skins and other cosmetic items. These include facepaints and pumpkin heads. Daily challenges ensure that you have enough small money in your pocket. In addition to the new map, there is also a new boss . This is called King Fleshpound and was permanently integrated into the game.

Overwatch – Halloween Terror Event (until 1 November)

In Overwatch you can get special Loot-Boxes during the Halloween Terror Event . These include various, cosmetic items. Some of you already know about the last Halloween event. There are also 50 new items, including Legendary Skins for many different heroes. In addition, Dr. Junkenstein back again and gives you a time-limited game mode just like last year. With up to three other players, you can fight against waves of AI opponents in classic Horde mode . Anyone who wants to, can also be endlessly with Junkenstein’s minions, including rankings for most defeated enemy waves.

Elder Scrolls Online – The Witches Festival (until 1 November)

In The Elder Scrolls Online, you can make the country unsafe on your zombie horse.In The Elder Scrolls Online, you can make the country unsafe on your zombie horse.

Also in The Elder Scrolls Online, you can unlock special items during the Halloween event “The Witches Festival”. There are also double experiences . If you complete a small, special quest, you have the opportunity to turn into an undead for the duration of the event. All Boss opponents give you special Loot and you can buy a zombie horse as well as an exclusive house.

Minecraft – Halloween Spooktacular (until 31st October)

Minecraft has already gone some Halloween updates. This year, the servers of Lifeboat, PvP and Mineplex start a few funny minigames and give you thematically adapted, cosmetic items. You’ll find imaginative zombie hordes, a parkour classes, new pets and special quests from the Pumpkin King. Besides, you should look for burning pumpkins. Whoever destroys them will receive exclusive rewards . During the event there are also Halloween boxes, which you can give or open for Loot.

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