.hack // GU Last Recode: Launch Trailer released

.hack // GU Last Recode: Launch Trailer released

Bandai Namco Entertainment has released the obligatory launch trailer for “.hack // GU Last Recode”. 

“.hack // GU Last Recode” is a remaster collection that contains the first three parts of the  hack // GU series, which includes “Rebirth”, “Reminisce” and “Redemption. In addition to a 1080p resolution, 60 FPS and a 16: 9 widescreen format, we also expect new features and a new game balance.

“. hack is a multimedia franchise designed and developed by the famous Japanese developer  CyberConnect2  . Comprising video games, anime, novels, and manga, the world of .hack focuses on the mysterious events in the universe of the hugely popular, massive multiplayer role-playing game called The World. .hack // GU starts right after the events of the original .hack series, with players taking the role of Haseo. He tracks down a powerful player-killer named Tri-Edge who killed the game-created avatar of his friend Shino and put her in a coma in real life. “

“.hack // GU Last Recode” will be released  November 3, 2017  for PlayStation 4 and PC.


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