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Guild Wars 2 – Path of Fire: Expansion at the weekend for free

10.08.2017 um 11:15 Uhr ArenaNet will host a free preview event for the MMORPG expansion Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire from 11 to 13 August 2017. You can also participate in this if you do not have the main game. The area around the Kristalloase invites you to explore the area.

Actually, the MMORPG expansion Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire does not appear until September 22, 2017. However, you will get the opportunity to get a little bit into the new content – completely free of charge. For this purpose the developer ArenaNet from 11 to 13 August a so-called preview event.

There are no restrictions to the participation: Even if you do not have the main game, you can register on the official website and then start the event at the start of the event. In the context of this preview version, you will experience the first part of the great story of Path of Fire, which focuses on the journey into the crystal desert. You should explore the area of ​​the crystal oasis and even unlock a Raptor as a riding animal.

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Furthermore, another event for Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire is planned for the period from 18 to 20 August. Then the players can try the new Elite specializations in PvP and WvW.

Guild Wars 2: Addon Path of Fire erscheint am 22. September – Mounts, Elite-Specs etc.

02.08.2017 at 12:45 On September 22, 2017, “Path of Fire”, the second addon for Guild Wars 2 will be released. In addition to two major new areas, the expansion of Path of Fire will bring Mounts into Guild Wars 2 New elite specializations for all classes. All important details about Path of Fire for Guild Wars 2 can be found here in our news.

A feeling eternity after the release of Heart of Thorns ArenaNet finally announced a second addon for Guild Wars 2 – and this is already on 22 September 2017 to appear. In addition to two new areas, you will find special riding animals for the first time, as well as additional elite specializations for all classes. We summarize all important details about the expansion in this news for you.

From August 11th to 13th, we will have a preview weekend where everyone who owns a GW2 account “in good standing” will experience the beginning of the history of Path of Fire and some of the new areas with a special Raptor -Ride Animals. ArenaNet has not defined the term “in good standing”. However, we suspect that it simply means that you must have logged in at least once during the last 30 days to participate in the preview weekend.

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If you buy your Path of Fire, you get a levelboost, which instantly hoists a freely selectable character at level 80 and equips him with the appropriate equipment and a certain amount of gold.

The features: mounts, new territories and elite specializations

  • With Path of Fire, players are allowed to use Guild Wars 2 Mounts for the first time, but they should be more than pure means of movement.
  • You will release them and then train them as your own companions. Theowre is then a special Mastery system.
  • Path of Fire takes you to the areas known as Guild Wars and Guild Wars: Nightfall, Crystal Desert and Elona – 250 years after the events from the first part. The territories consist mostly of desert, with isolated temple ruins and oases.
  • For each class there are new elite specializations, which should open up a greater variety of game styles. Exact details are not yet known.
  • Price and pre-order bonuses
  • Guild Wars 2 “Path of Fire” will be available as a standalone version for € 29.99 or in the “Heart of Thorns” package for € 49.99.
  • There are three special bonuses for pre-buyers: “The Spearmarshal’s Gift” allows you to select a special weaponkin from the “Sunspear” weapons set. You will also receive the title “Ambassador” and a miniature replica of Balthazar, the god of war and fire.
  • How do you like the new features for Guild Wars 2? Are you already looking forward to the Addon Path of Fire? Write us your opinion in the comments and read more news about ArenaNets online-scrolling on our GuildWars2-themed page.


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